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This show introduces a new, exciting and varied format, bringing you, the listener, into much closer communication with me and our audience.  

First, I am taking callers for the first time.  Call 888 874 4888 between 4 and 5 pm on Wednesdays. 

Second, I have an email where you can send questions and suggestions for the show at any time.  The email  I cannot answer by email, but selected questions will be aired and every suggestion will be appreciated. 

In addition, there are special features each week, including suggestions for a better life and Breaking News and Information.  My website,, will offeer links to the stories that are covered on the radio. 

Today was the first reformatted show and it will be replayed next week when I'm traveling.  My great guest is Michael Cornwall, PhD, one of the most kind and thoughtful people in the field of psychology. 

The two of us answered questions from callers in this the maiden voyage of my new and more stimulating format.  Great guests, great callers, and a wonderful audience!  And now you can communicate with me  and ultimately with our audience by calling in or by email. 

I am more than delighted with this initial effort to bring me and you, my audience, into closer communication with each other. 


My guest, Peter Kinderman PhD, is an articulate leader in British psychology who is having a positive influence on psychology, psychiatry and the politics of mental health--achievements that could not yet happen in the US.  Peter works within the system in a way that could not yet occur here within our professional organizations, universities or federal government.  Hear about some good trends in mental health in Great Britain and Europe that are ahead of the US.  Peter Kinderman spreads hope and shows new directions!


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