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Today is open mic day, devoted to callers, as always on the last Wednesday of the month at 4-5 pm NY time. The  focus is on my new blog, “Are Emotional Disorders Really Disorders of Love?”  But I also answer some interesting, important questions about psychiatric drug withdrawal.  What do you think about my premise that psychological and spiritual health depends on being willing and able to feel and express love, and to receive it as well?  A related premise is that all good therapies and all good routes to a better life depend on becoming a greater source of love and a more able recipient of love.  I know I’m going “out on a limb,” but it is a limb on the tree of life.   Listen to the show every Wednesday at 4 pm live on, call in live to ask a question or to give an opinion on 888 874 4888.  And find the archive for past shows on

Richard Lawhern PhD became an activist in the field of pain treatment and opiates in response to his wife’s suffering with physical pain.  An information analyst by training, he is now among the most scientifically informed and thoughtful individuals in the entire field. Have you been told that over-prescribing doctors are the cause of most addictions and many opioid overdose deaths?   No so. Have you heard the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) claims that Americans are massively over-prescribed addictive pain-killing medications?  The CDC is wrong.  Do you fear the harmful effects of opiates more than you fear psychiatric drugs?  You’ve been misled.  This is a fascinating and highly informative interview packed with information you are not likely to get anywhere else.   Listen to my interviews and commentaries every Wednesday at 4-5 pm NYT time on and call in live to ask questions or offer opinions on 888 874 4888.

One of my favorite guests and favorite psychologists, Michael Cornwall PhD talks with me and you about the meaning of dreams.  Starting with Carl Jung's little-known approach to dreams, which is remarkably practical, we discuss dreams in everyday life and in psychosis from both our perspectives.  Michael brings a remarkably informed viewpoint as a person with lived personal experience and as a therapist who has spent decades helping people, including those whom others give up on and push aside with diagnoses and neurotoxic drugs.   As always with Michael, a thoughtful and interesting discussion filled with wisdom.  

A great show:  My last Wednesday of the month open lines for callers, where my audience becomes my guests.  I am beginning each of these last-of-the-month shows with a pithy Dr. Breggin's Keys to Life, and do believe that if you put into practice today's advice, it will change your life.  Then we go on to several  encouraging, hopeful calls from people who have triumphed over psychiatric drugs or helped their family members do so.  I also answer a few tough questions about psychiatric drug withdrawal.  This show is a good way to learn from me because I'm challenged throughout to relate to and to help each person who calls in.  Remember the show is live every Wednesday at 4 pm NY time on and you can call in live during that hour on 888 874 4888. 


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