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Why back surgery fails brings broad insights into health.  David Hanscom MD is an orthopedic surgeon who realized that the back surgery rarely works and that back pain is most often due to inflammatory reactions from many difference sources, from psychological stress to immunological problems.  After 32 years, he quit his surgical practice in 2018 to focus on teaching people how to break the grip of chronic mental and physical pain. His mission is to re-introduce true healing in medicine. Dr. Hanscom’s transformation of his career as he faced the scientific evidence and his knowledge of advanced medical issues are both enlightening.  I am fascinated by his concept that that the body’s experience of danger from almost any source can overstimulate its immune system.   

Jeffrey Tucker is Editorial Director for the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) and the author of Liberty or Lockdown.  He has a strong background in epidemic research.  We learn amazing new things about the pandemic from each other, and you will learn from both of us, in this very lively exchange.  This hour is also a good introduction to my new scientific in-depth report, coauthored by Ginger Breggin, “Dr. Fauci’s COVID-19 Treachery with Chilling Ties to the Chinese Military”  at 

Ed McGlasson is a former NFL football player and a pastor.  He believes that the single most important social and political issue in America today is fatherhood and he is devoting his life to it. His new book is  “How to Become the Husband and Father Your Family Needs.” This is an inspiring show that could help many men gain a deeper understand of their importance in the lives of their wives and children. 

Keith Campbell and I have an inspiring, very spontaneous exchange about how to live life effectively and with gusto.   Everyone who wants encouragement in creating a good life should take advantage of this show.  I felt my spirits lifted as we engaged with each other!   Join us in reimagining how to make the most of your life and the lives of everyone you care about.  Keith is a PhD research psychologist and author of The New Science of Narcissism and he has the wisdom of a man who has learned to take on life in a positive manner.   But it's not fluff--we also look at the dark side of fear and narcissism surrounding us in the world today.  Really, this is good stuff to share with you!  

Attorney Tom Renz is a humble hero fighting for our freedom—a lawyer determined to do whatever he can to free us from the oppressive “public health” policies and practices associated with COVID-19.  This is truly a case of the cure is worse than the illness!   He has brought an injunction in Ohio to stop the Governor from maintaining a state of emergency to serve his own lust for power.   I am proud to have contributed my own medical/legal report, available for free on, to support his case.   Renz is going fulltime at developing and publicizing his case—and it is already resulting in other attorneys following his lead in their own states.  I hope we get a similar case in New York State against Cuomo.  Tom is a great person to meet again on this hour and his work is something to learn about and to support.   We are Americans—we should not give up or freedoms so easily!!! 

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