Physical and Spiritual Survival During COVID-19
Zev Zelenko MD’s second interview with me will save lives, save souls, and help deliver America from the crushing weight of growing totalitarianism.  Dr. Zelenko describes the COVID-19 treatment he first fully developed and that saves the lives of nearly everyone who receives it. For standing up for his patients and humanity, he has endured ostracism and rejection.  On top of that he was already suffering from a severe illness. These experiences have demanded that he save his own soul, and you will see how well he has done it—and he wants to help us do the same for ourselves in these trying times.  Finally, he talks about the larger political and spiritual condition of the world in a deeply knowing way.

Finding the Courage to Be True To Yourself and America 

An amazing interview with Leah Wilson, Director of Stand for Health Freedom, about finding the courage to be true to your deeply held convictions.  We describe how it feels to choose to speak and to act upon your ideals for yourself and for the sake of freedom and America.  I was so inspired, I announced the title and scope of our forthcoming book, authored by me and Ginger Breggin.  It’s COVID-19 AND THE GLOBAL PREDATORS: We Are Their Prey.  Presale will begin soon.  I felt reinspired by Leah and so will you as we talk about the huge personal benefits of overcoming fear in order to stand up for our personal and political freedom. 

Attorney Thomas Renz -- Fighting for Human Freedom
Attorney Tom Renz is a Godsend for human freedom.  Initially single-handed, but gaining more widespread support, Tom is leading a defensive legal assault on the those in the state and federal governments who want to destroy our freedom in the name of the public health “emergency” surrounding COVID-19.  You will be moved and enlightened and inspired by his work.   I am honored to share my hour with him with you.  You will enlarge your understanding of COVID-19 and confirm that there is hope for better times.  Please watch this, for all our sakes, and perhaps add your energy to his work.  He needs good people to volunteer to help him in every possible way.  If you help to advance the work of Tom Renz, you join the pantheon of people who have and who are advancing human freedom. 

Catherine Austin Fits


On a Whirling World Tour of World Relations.   Amazing Catherine Austin Fitts, brilliant analyst of human affairs, also an investment banker and former Assistant Secretary of Housing under George H. W. Bush, is a fascinating and enlightening thinker.  She communicates new understandings of everything from how we are destroying our children for profit to our relationships with China, all in one integrated tapestry of insights.   She even brings a one-minute video about the Popsicle Index to begin our understanding of what makes the world go around--or not go around.   And concludes with principles for a safer, happier personal life through "actionable intelligence."   This show gets 4 out of 4 Wows!

COVID Vaccinations - the Facts and the Truth
Meryl Nass MD is brilliant, honorable and extremely well-informed about COVID-19 vaccinations.  An interview packed with current information on the safety and effectiveness of available vaccines.  Learn that the FDA has never approved any of these vaccinations as safe and effective, that the FDA and CDC are covering the already-reported harms, and that if you are injured you have little chance of compensation.  Everything about these vaccines is rigged for the government and the drug companies and against you, me, and humanity.  Listen and make up your mind.  Make sure everyone you know gets this information and help us spread it to humanity by sending this video around.
Fighting the Vested Interests in Medicine: Dr. Vladimir "Zev" Zelenko
This interview deeply moved me.  From science to God, from the personal to the metaphysical, Dr. Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko inspires us and gives us insights such as I have rarely experienced in my life. Hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of lives, are being saved because this one doctor managed to communicate to the world how to successfully treat the early stages of COVID-19.  Had he been better listened to in America—and there is still time—we would not be enduring such a devastating pandemic.  Fought all the way by the vested interests in medicine, industry and politics, and struggling with physical illness of his own while caring for a family with 8 children, he has inspired those of us who are standing up for the proper treatment of COVID-19 and against overpowering worldwide predatory forces.  A physician and scientist, he speaks eloquently about the centrality of God in his life and may help you to transform your own life.
Caring Therapy Approaches and What is Happening to America?
Peter Reznik LCSW, PhD immigrated to the United States from Russia.  He has “toolboxes” of approaches, often involving imagery and often involving integrative mind-body approaches.  He also has great wisdom and he’s very caring.  He provides fascinating vignettes of how he works and we discuss how I might deal with a similar person.  We also share thoughts about what is happening in America right now, especially with the banning of the President Donald Trump by the social media, which is a tragic step toward a totalitarian state.  Peter comments on the basis of his similar experiences in the Soviet Union.  This is a thoughtful and inspiring exchange that could add to your understanding of life.

Dr. Denis Rancourt Examines COVID-19 Riddles


Denis Rancourt, PhD is retired professor of physics who has, like so many of us, turned his attention to the riddles surrounding COVID-19 and is making brilliant responses that debunk the multiple controls being placed upon us from wearing masks to washing our hands.  We critically evaluate the both the counting of deaths and the testing for cases.  Dr. Rancourt approaches these questions as an experienced scientist with a very broad general interest in the world and its affairs. We have one strong disagreement, but in a world where we can no longer believe the establishment or go along with censorship, it is time to give voice to unexpected opinions.  You will like meeting and listening to this thoughtful, informed man.

What Do We Need To Stay Healthy During COVID-19?
Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD in our second Dr. Peter Breggin hour goes more deeply into what we need to do to stay healthy in the face of COVID-19 including useful preventive nonprescription supplements that help prevent or weaken COVID-19.  She also tells us about the origin and effects of two recent Senate Hearings with Senator Johnson on the early treatment of COVID-19.  The political and medical powers are making it impossible for Americans to get successful treatments that are widely and successfully used in many other countries, leading to our higher death rates.  We discuss how we have never seen such suppression of normal medical practices, resulting in unnecessary deaths.  At least one senator is doing his best against the resistance on Capitol Hill.
When Friends Disagree
Michael Fontaine, a professor of classics, and I prove that friends can have lively differences on the most fundamental principles of life and yet enjoy each other’s creativity and company.  Michael believes that people are basically good and simply mistaken, for example, in the planning of COVID-19 policies.  I believe many of them are driven by irredeemable greed and lust for power.  Even more exciting to me, Michael loves my recently published scientific paper on “Psychological Helplessness and Feeling Undeserving of Love: Windows Into Suffering and Healing” which he feels is deeply original and useful.  We talk about how “feeling undeserving of love” lurks beneath and drives the most seriously distressing personal experiences in life that mistaken are “treated” with psychiatric diagnoses and drugs.  And so, for the first time in a long time, I have a good time on the air discussing one of my scientific articles along with some of my more trenchant ideas about life.  It’s a warm and enlightening conversation between two friends.

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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