My guest, British psychologist Peter Kinderman PhD and I agreed to do a show that examines the politics of mental health including the overall politics of human life, society, and government.  This is the first time I have aired my own political principles in such detail on my radio talk show.   I believe in Founding Principles of America, including personal freedom and responsibility, and small government. Peter views himself as a socialist who promotes the common good through government services and solutions.  Yet we have so much in common in how we criticize biological psychiatry for obscuring and covering up the real sources of human suffering in our personal, family, and societal experiences.  Peter and I certainly found this conversation interesting if not unique.  We confront some of the most important issues in life, ones that bring us together, and ones that divide us.  We illustrate how two people can talk together about their differences and their common viewpoints, reaching toward new and better ways to think about and to organize our lives on a personal and a political level.

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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