The newest psychiatric abuse of children—the Monarch electrical stimulator applied to the foreheads of kids labelled ADHD—is explained by electrical engineer Ken Castleman, PhD, who joins me and psychologist Michael Cornwall PhD.  Now that the FDA has approved it, this new abuse will be unleashed not only on children unfortunate enough to be labelled ADHD but on anyone that prescribers think fit.  Any child with a psychiatric diagnosis or a psychological problem will be fair game.  We cannot stand by while a new wave of atrocities, in the form of electrical assaults, is unleash on millions of children.  Someday we may look back to the good old days when the worst they did to our kids was drug them!   Scrambling their brains with the electricity may be the ultimate atrocity.  Please go to to learn more about SPAC!

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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