The last show of 2018 was amazing.  Although it was Open Mic Wednesday (the last Wednesday of the month), it became focused on the FDA’s recent rescue of electroshock (ECT) by declaring it so safe that the agency approved it without testing for “drug-resistant depression.”  This is a catastrophe, as one of my callers noted, because it unleashes the treatment on so many more people.  Currently given to hundreds of thousands, ECT can now be given to tens of millions of people struggling with grief and hopelessness (“depression”) who get worse rather than better on psychiatric drugs.  

But why would the federal government through the FDA save such a horrendously damaging treatment?  The explanation, I suggest on the air, may be found in an astonishing new movie, The Minds of Men, which examines the history of federal support for “treatments” such as electroshock and lobotomy.  The movie by two young filmmakers, Aaron and Melissa Dykes, presents a huge amount of information that was previously unknown to me about government and foundation involvement in funding mind control over many decades. We already knew that the CIA had funded horrendous ECT experiments on unknowing patients in Canada and we already knew about my discovery of Justice Department funding psychosurgery experiments.  But the Minds of Men researches far more deeply into this dark past which surely remains with us in the present—maybe even driving the FDA’s rescue of ECT.  The covert government did it before—why would it stop supporting ECT now?

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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