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Dr. Breggin’s guest is Joanne Cacciatore, PhD, LMSW, who teaches at Arizona State U.  In despair following the loss of a child, Dr. Cacciatore rejected establishment psychiatric interventions, recovered, earned a PhD, and went on to found  a world-wide organization to help the bereaved deal with their loss and suffering, to research the problem, and to train counselors in empathic therapy.

Dr. Breggin begins by describing his basic critique of psychiatric drugs and then is joined by psychiatrist Alberto Fergusson, MD, from Columbia, South America.  Dr. Fergusson’s program helps homeless individuals who have been labeled “schizophrenic” with drug-free therapy by teaching them to take charge of their own recovery through accompanied self-rehabilitation.

Dr. Breggin’s guest is author Pamela Glasner whose novel , Finding Emmaus, delves deeply into the psychological and spiritual nature of empathy and describes how psychiatry for centuries has diagnosed and abused people who are especially empathic. 

October 4, 2010


Dr. Breggin’s guest is New York City clinical psychologist Sarton Weinraub, PhD who discusses bringing out the best in ourselves as therapists and making the most out of therapy as clients and patients.   Dr. Weinraub critiques psychoanalysis and encourages person-centered, empathic approaches.

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