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Courageous Peter A. McCullough MD, MPH Professor of Cardiology, esteemed researcher, journal editor, and treating COVID-19 frontline physician has written the top scientific reports on early treatment of COVID-19 and testified before the US Senate. He regularly communicates with other courageous scientists around the world.  He devotes this hour with us to the most current information you need and want to know--and will not hear almost anywhere else.  The best place for current news on COVID-19 is here!

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From Australia, a Medical Witness to the Worst Shutdown 

Eamonn Mathieson MD is an anesthesiologist in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.  He is a founding member of the COVID Medical Network, a scientific group under attack from the Australian equivalent of the FDA for simply evaluating scientific papers relevant to COVID-19.  We share the most current COVID-19 breaking news. We are able to draw conclusions about why Melbourne with its low rate of infections and deaths became one of the most-locked down cities in the Western World.  It confirms my theory of who’s behind the global predators. It confirms the truth that the hyped up numbers of infections and deaths from COVID-19 is not the cause of the shutdowns, but merely the window dressing.  The truth is that the predators behind it all simply do as much damage as they can get away with to Western patriotic democracies like Australia and the U.S.  Widen your horizons with this interview. 

Your Hormones: Keys to Your Physical & Mental Health   


Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD is not only a heroic COVID-19 doctor, she is also a pioneer in women and men’s health and the founder and director of “Vive Life Center: specializing in Preventive and Climacteric Medicine.”  Learn about genuinely comprehensive medical care throughout the lifespan, as she touches on critical topics such as the role of properly evaluated and prescribed estrogen, progesterone and testosterone for general mental and physical health, as well as for specific illnesses in which they play important, but overlooked, roles. Dr.  Vliet’s interview is one of those occasional Dr. Peter Breggin hours where I learn more than I anticipated personally and as physician.  Dr. Vliet will provide you a window into the best in women and men’s health!     

A Stunning COVID-19 Interview 

Lee Merritt MD gives a fascinating interview on the history of COVID-19 with new insights for all of us.  She joins the pantheon of amazing doctors we have interviewed for the Dr. Peter Breggin Hour and does it with flare and insight, providing information and important nuances we’ve not heard before. Dr. Merritt is both a courageous frontline doctor and genuine researcher in the science and politics surrounding COVID-19. I enjoyed and learned from Dr. Merritt. Don’t let this interview pass you by.   Order your pre-publication copy of our new book: COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We are the Prey at  Receive a copy of the pre-published manuscript immediately! 

"911 First Responder Speaks Up for America"
Lt. Frank Moore is a retired New York City Firefighter who dug headfirst into the steaming, burning rubble of the Twin Towers on 911 looking for survivors. His book, “America the Exceptional: Restoring a Wayward Nation’s Greatness” is as good as its title makes it sound.  Frank comes from the same heart and spiritual place as I do and we discuss our very similar views on what makes American a blessed nation and how we might fight to revive this love of individuality and equality under God.  Most of the hour is devoted to Frank’s eloquent understanding of America and the direction we must take to survive and once again to thrive.  Frank’s voice is remarkable in its clarity and fund of information. You will love listening to him.  Frank’s book was published in 2019 shortly before COVID-19.  The principles he describes and which we share explain what has been lost and must be found to fight against the assault of the global predators domestically and internationally.   Frank is a fund of insights and information and you will definitely learn from him about America's founding and about today's betrayal of origins.      
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Updating the Misery Caused by Modern Antidepressants
Patrick Hahn PhD has an excellent new book, Prescription for Sorrow: Antidepressants, Suicide and Violence, that does a very good job updating the misery caused by modern antidepressants.  That these drugs are doing more harm than good cannot be doubted. The evidence for harm continues on a steep upward curve while the evidence for help from antidepressants has dwindled near to zero.  We also touch on my newest book, COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey.  Advance orders are now available with the bonus of an immediate free copy of the original manuscript to get the information out.  Go to to sign up in advance of publication (approximately six weeks) with an immediate bonus of the entire manuscript the same day so you can get an early start. You will be astonished by the fraud driving the lockdowns and threats, and enlightened as to who is pushing this campaign against the world.
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A Spirited Discussion of COVID-19 Realities
Denis Rancourt PhD joins me a second time for a spirited discussion of COVID-19 realities.  He analyzes the reported outbreaks around the world to show a pattern often inconsistent with infectious respiratory epidemics and offers alternative explanations.  We again have a fundamental disagreement, this time about the nature of the worldwide threat.  He believes it is what he calls the “American Empire.” For me and many others seen and heard on The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour, the dictatorship of the Chinese Communist Party has already become the overwhelming menace to freedom in the world and a battered America remains our ultimate hope.
Order your pre-publication copy of our new book: COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We are the Prey at  Receive a copy of the pre-published manuscript immediately!  
 Growing Up in the Soviet Union
Peter Reznik, LCSW, PhD has a private psychotherapy practice in New York City and worldwide with teletherapy.  For his second interview, I tap into his experience growing up and working in the Soviet Union, including a terrifying encounter with KGB. We talk about the failures of socialism and Marxism and their dreadful impact on the human spirit.  We share concerns about America’s current trajectory toward those tragic outcomes.  I share my experiences going to East Berlin before the Berlin Wall came down and how it reminded me of my first visit to a state mental hospital in America.  It is a thoughtful hour about the meaning and experience of being an American—and how much we should value our country and our freedoms.
Physical and Spiritual Survival During COVID-19
Zev Zelenko MD’s second interview with me will save lives, save souls, and help deliver America from the crushing weight of growing totalitarianism.  Dr. Zelenko describes the COVID-19 treatment he first fully developed and that saves the lives of nearly everyone who receives it. For standing up for his patients and humanity, he has endured ostracism and rejection.  On top of that he was already suffering from a severe illness. These experiences have demanded that he save his own soul, and you will see how well he has done it—and he wants to help us do the same for ourselves in these trying times.  Finally, he talks about the larger political and spiritual condition of the world in a deeply knowing way.

Finding the Courage to Be True To Yourself and America 

An amazing interview with Leah Wilson, Director of Stand for Health Freedom, about finding the courage to be true to your deeply held convictions.  We describe how it feels to choose to speak and to act upon your ideals for yourself and for the sake of freedom and America.  I was so inspired, I announced the title and scope of our forthcoming book, authored by me and Ginger Breggin.  It’s COVID-19 AND THE GLOBAL PREDATORS: We Are Their Prey.  Presale will begin soon.  I felt reinspired by Leah and so will you as we talk about the huge personal benefits of overcoming fear in order to stand up for our personal and political freedom. 

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