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Toxicity of the COVID Experimental Shots
James Thorp MD is Board Certified in Ob/Gyn and in Maternal Fetal Medicine. He has produced in-depth scientific reports on the toxicity of the COVID experimental shots as well as the ill-gained profits and deep analysis of the toxicity of shots. 
In this interview with Dr. Breggin, he presents a PowerPoint analysis of the harm to the ovaries of women and their devastating effects on fertility and the health and life of the unborn child. He also describes the data on fetal abnormalities and death that Pfizer tried to hide by asking a court to seal their data for seventy-five years.  
This hour addresses problems that can afflict humanity for future generations and the necessity of stopping COVID-19 GMO "vaccines."  This is high-level, reliable science presented by Dr. Thorp calmly but with grave concern for suffering that continues to be inflicted on us by the global predators, including the drug companies, FDA, NIAID, and CDC. 

Today I learned about something I’ve wanted and could not find. Direct Primary Care—physicians who are independent and not beholden to the corruption of being part of medical clinics or medical organizations.  I learned about Direct Primary Care from my guest, physician Katarina Lindley, DO, from Texas.  She turns out to be a person who grew up under Tito’s dictatorsip in Yugoslavia, who knows the existence under tyranny, and came to America to be fully trained in primary care.  Her background gives Dr. Lindley a profound understanding of what it means to be American and to fight for our eroding freedoms, and she is doing so through many avenues, including the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.  If you like inspiration quietly and eloquently shared about the fate of medicine and America and how we must reinspire the American dream—you will love spending time with Dr. Kat Lindley.   

Renowned COVID Treating Physician Peter McCullough MD Exposes Dangers and Deaths Following COVID Vaccines   


“As a practicing physician and cardiologist…we are getting disturbing reports” from all sectors that multiple disease categories are on the way up, not on the way down.  Most disturbing among them is ‘all cause mortality’—skyrocketing from 2020 to 2021. Leading cause of death of these new deaths is unknown, not listed.  With this introduction Peter McCullough MD updates us all on the horrifying fallout from the COVID vaccines. 


When someone passed away prior to COVID-19, there would typically be a description and explanation for the deaths.  40% due to heart disease, 40% is due to cancer and 20% were due to other causes.  Now in some regions there are reports of deaths from unknown causes.   


Dr. Peter McCullough MD explains the changes and increases in deaths since the advent of COVID-19 and describes the vaccine and the spike protein in detail and the diseases they can cause.  One of the most powerful hours on Refounding America, with host Peter R. Breggin MD. 

Lawsuit against YouTube Censorship Moving Ahead 

A lawsuit brought by individuals thrown off YouTube is being heard in an appellate court which, in itself is a breakthrough.  Sarah Westall, who hosts the national syndicated show, “Business Game Changers,” discusses the legal, ethical and political issues surrounding the lawsuit and the immunities given to the social media.  Also, would you like to hear a conversation that makes central and global banking fascinating and easily understood—as one more way the elite drains the wealth and power of everyone else.   Sarah Westall also puts a much needed focus on controlling the media as the first step taken by all potential dictators—and it has already happened here in the U.S.A.  A very interesting and instructive conversation with a very likeable well-informed expert and activist.   

The Moral and Political Corruption of Our Children Begins with Books Read to Them in Pre-School  

Deborah DeGroff describes how thousands of books for preschoolers through young adults are crammed with extremist ideas on sex, gender, violence, and progressive/Marist politics. Children are taught they are personally responsible for all the injustice in the world, from climate change to racism, making them into depressed, easy targets for extreme leftwing politics as they grow up.  They are taught about becoming activists and, yes, bringing lawsuits, hearing the words activist and lawsuit for the first time in their very young lives.  They are taught to hate police officers and to love despicable politicians. These tactics fill children with guilt, shame and anxiety, and also hate, and should be considered severe  child abuse. This interview was an eyeopener for me and I urge anyone concerned about the deterioration of our society and the abuse of our children in libraries, schools and homes to learn some of the ugly details about the contents of these books and the their language.  Deborah DeGroff is a genuine hero whom the world needs to hear!  Listen and spread the word about what she is teaching us.  I was enlightened—you will be, too.  And if you cannot find the right project to devote yourself to, this might be one the one—protecting our children from child abuse through children’s books.    

Mass Hypnosis is a Dangerous Misdirection

Mass Formation and Mass Hypnosis have become buzz words.  They are the creation of a European psychoanalytic therapist Mattias Desmet. Now his book has come out and exposes that he literally and definitively believes that COVID-19 totalitarianism (which he acknowledges) arises not from violent evil leaders (the global predators) but from the people themselves whose emotional needs create the dictator.  

Consistent with this,  leaders are not to blame for the suffering under COVID policies. The people are to blame and need to have better attitudes.  Furthermore, there are no conspiracies behind COVID-19 (or Nazi Germany and Hitler, for that matter) and those who believe there are conspiracies behind COVID-19 are intensely driven by anxiety and their own psychological needs to imagine a “simple” solution.  

As grim as this discussion may sound, the interaction between me and my marvelously well-informed guest, J. D. Rucker, is so entertaining that you will really enjoy the show.  Read the Breggins' three part series critical of mass form

Zev Zelenko and his New Freedom Foundation 

It is two weeks since Zev Zelenko died and this interview with Ann Vandersteel, cochair of the new Zelenko Freedom Foundation, honors Zev, shares the love Ann Vandersteel and Peter Breggin have for him as the most courageous person Peter has ever known.  Ann describes the goals and program being developed by the new foundation in Zev’s honor and the kind of help they are looking for.  We talk about how Zev enlightened and inspired us to see the evil behind COVID-19.

U.S. is in World War III and Losing. 

Major General Paul E. Vallely, whose career includes more than 15 years as an intelligence officer, operations officer, and military advisor as well as a Commanding General brings enormous experience and insight to the reality that we are fighting World War III and we have never been under such existential threat before.  The threat is coming from extreme progressivism within the nation, aligned with globalists and Communist China.  He goes into depth and detail.  We need a fighting spirit to contend with the size of the dangers. An important interview for the survival of the U.S. as a free nation.  His books include Endgame: The Blue Print for Victory in the War on Terror.




Israeli Professor Josh Guetzkow, working with Robert F. Kennedy’s Children’s Health Defense through the Freedom of Information (FOIA) system, received an admission from the CDC that they had not evaluated any “signals” from the vaccine data system called VAIRS. CDC had failed to evaluate the data, even though it is in their own system and they write on their website about how they make use of it.   

On a broad scope, this reconfirms what I have written, along with my wife Ginger, in our book, COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey.  

There is a global predatory coalition that includes billionaires like Bill Gates and socialists like Klaus Schwab, who work with both the wealthiest Western industries, trusts, universities, and health systems, in collaboration with the Chinese Communists using COVID-19 and the vaccines to increase their wealth and their power over previously sovereign nations.   

Professor Guetzkow, an American and an Israeli citizen, trained at Princeton and Harvard, describes the iron grip that Pfizer has imposed upon Israel, making it into a giant laboratory for vaccines.  My drawing attention to the Chinese Communist connection to Pfizer and other globalists led Professor Guetzkow to report dreadful news that I have confirmed with a report from the Times of Israel, “as Israel made a huge mistake letting a Chinese firm run part of Haifa port?” Apparently, Israel has many other such dependencies on the Chinese Communists that are at least being reconsidered.  

If you want to learn more about Israel’s surrender to the global predators and more about the power of globalism over nations, which grows as the nations are more centralized and authoritarian, this is a very valuable hour. It educated me.  

No public education in U.S. until WWI— 

When Progressives Invented it 


I asked my brilliant guest, journalist Alex Newman, to unravel the history of the progressive takeover of public education and the short answer was: American Progressives created public education for indoctrination in the early 20th Century.  Alex is an incredibly well-informed and thoughtful journalist who added to my knowledge with everything we talked about from early education in America to education under the Great Reset and the Ukrain tragedy as a willful act of the global predators. Perhaps for the first time, I described on the air the impact of my only religious education from age four to twelve—my elementary school principle reading from the Bible every Thursday assembly.  It deeply affected me.  Tune into Alex Newman and follow him at  Others include,, ,

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