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Grow Your Own Food to Save Yourself and the World 

You may think it’s utopian to imagine that you or anyone else could grow enough food in space the size of a lawn to feed a family for a year, doing it with perennials that come back year after year with minimum maintenance.  My remarkable guest, Jim Gale, is showing us we can and is building an international company around the concept.  On his website “Food Forest Abundance,” his motto is “Designing freedom into every landscape.”  

Jim is inspired me think of a new motto for myself, “Designing love and freedom into everything thing we do and say.”  You will love Jim’s enthusiasm, learn from him, admire his spiritual and political convictions, and root for his enormous success.   

MIT Scientist Describes Little-Known Horrors of the COVID Vaccines 

Scientist Stephanie Seneff PhD from MIT talks with Dr. Breggin about the latest research on the deadly effects of the spike protein in the pseudo-vaccines for COVID-19 and how they are more harmful than SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 itself with its less harmful version of the spike protein. No hocus pocus or exaggeration—the scientific research results are appalling in themselves, indicating that the vaccinated body sets up very small functioning DNA packets outside the nucleus that can exert harmful effects on the human body like dysfunctional nuclei.  There is also a serious risk that the DNA within the nucleus can be changed as well, but this is still under investigation.  

The reported total deaths from the vaccines in America quickly surpassed by many times the total deaths for all combined vaccines since data began to be collected.  And the buildup of reported adverse effects including cardiac and neurological disorders is far beyond anything ever before allowed to occur in medicine.  A shocking rise in the death rate for relatively young and healthy people in 2022 is almost certainly caused by these experiments.  Overall, Dr. Seneff’s observations make clear that we must end the experimental jabs. We must work especially hard to make sure that children are no longer given these dangerous, damaging, experimental genetic experiments that are already doing a great deal of harm without doing any good for them.   

President Biden Embraces the New World Order

On March 21, Biden told the Business Roundtable that it’s time for the “New World Order” to be led by America’s corporate heads. Really! The New World Order?  The discredited conspiracy theory?  Without a guest, Dr. Breggin dives into this news, investigating “Who is the Business Roundtable?”  The Business Roundtable consists of approximately 200 Presidents and CEOs of America’s top corporations. Sampling a few of the A’s, we find Abbot, Aflac, Amazon, American Express, Apple, and AT&T. The B’s include Bank of America, Bayer USA, and Best Buy.  McDonalds, Microsoft, and JPMorgan Chase, come up, too.  Did Joe offend this august group?  To the contrary, Dr. Breggin discloses that these powerhouse presidents and CEOs in 2019 went woke and changed their written priorities from their stockholders to “all our stakeholders,” the theme of Klaus Schwab, his World Economic Forum, and his Great Reset, the Great Reset being nothing more than a polished-up substitute for New World Order.  One year after announcing their alignment with the global predators, during COVID-19, the Business Roundtable supported vaccines above all things.  Our lives depend on knowing about and exposing these global predators in our midst.  

Then Dr. Breggin gives a fresh look at the war against Ukraine, and you will be further shocked by the role of Schwab and his Great Reset in that war, with startling information about Zelensky, who is a member of Schwab’s World Economic Forum and who was inspired by another WEF member, Trudeau, to go into politics.  Dr. Breggin untangles the web of deceit and corruption surrounding the war. 

The globalists are real, and they keep coming for us, with more and more intensity.  And as Biden confirmed, there is a New World Order, and the global predators are running it.   

Dr. Breggin's book (written with his wife Ginger Breggin) is COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We are the Prey. Available for a special discount at, the book is a foundational guide to understanding the international power brokers who want to run our world.

American. Black. Doctor. Uncensored.” 

Dr. Breggin’s surprising conversation with Dr. Singleton ranges from being a black conservative in America to who are the America’s oligarchs and what's really going on in the Ukraine. With experience and training in both medicine and the law, Dr. Singleton brings insight and refreshing honesty to what is really being done to world and to America in the name of public health.  Despite a pure establishment background (Stanford and top medical centers like Harvard’s Beth Israel and Johns Hopkins), she manages with ease to cut to the truth with enormous clarity.  Join us for a personally engaging and enlightening conversation.  


A Live-Saving Interview With Dr. Chris Shoemaker 

 A soft-spoken dedicated Canadian physician presents data that should stop the COVID vaccination of children worldwide.  In this interview with Dr. Breggin, Christopher Shoemaker MD begins by describing the unprecedented and disastrous prohibitions on giving proper medications to COVID patients. In second half, he presents a stunning array of data indicating that it actually helps children and society for children to catch COVID, while COVID vaccines are deadly, enormously raising the death rates in children, youth , and young adults. Blockbuster conclusions are presented with the calm of an experienced and knowledgeable physician.  If you watch this interview, you know with certainty that these vaccines are useless for children and young adults while tragically killing significant percentages of them.  


Genetic Menace of COVID Vaccines Disclosed   

MIT Senior Research Scientist Dr. Stephanie Seneff warns that COVID “vaccines” may harm the human genome and pass on defects to future generations through male sperm.  This is the most disturbing and enlightening hour about the danger of the vaccines that we have done to date—suggesting that women may in the future may need to require males to prove they have not been COVID-vaccinated before producing offspring with them.  

Dr. Seneff clearly describes the mechanisms by which the mRNA and DNA vaccines produce these GMO effects in humans, as well how they cause multiple cardiac and neurological diseases, infertility, and death—adverse events rarely or never seen from other more typical vaccines.   

I also discuss breaking news with commentaries from Dr. Seneff about the 8 biolabs with weapon capacities built in the Ukraine under President Obama, two of them very close to the Russian border, presenting existential threats to Russia from accidental or intentional releases of deadly biological pathogens.  I disclose our own research with Ginger Breggin confirms that Ukraine’s President Zelensky worships Canada’s Trudeau and is a member of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum (WEF), making him a global predator.   

We are finding that our book, COVID-19 and the Global Predators:We are the Prey, reaches far beyond the pandemic, shedding light on the same global predators as they are operating through the Biden administration, NATO, the European Union, and its corrupt ally, Ukraine.  

Dr. Seneff is the author of pioneering scientific papers on COVID vaccines and a new book, “Toxic Legacy: How the Weedkiller Glyphosate is Destroying Our Health and the environment.”  

Our book: COVID-19 and the Global Predators:We are the Prey is available everywhere and online. In the U.S. we are able to offer a special discounted price at our website:

COVID-19 and Global Warming: The Powers Aligned Against Us 

Patrick Wood is a science-based critic of Sustainable Development, the Green Economy, UN Agenda 21, and Technocracy.  We also discuss global warning and agree that the much greater threat is probably global cooling and a mini-ice age. He is a strong proponent of freedom of speech. (See 

 The people supporting these deadly agendas and suppressing free speech are largely the same as those using COVID-19 to destroy the economies of the world I to prepare for the Great Reset.  He makes a powerful case for their intentional destruction of our economies, at the cost of human life, in order to “build back better.”  I take the theme into an area he has also explored:  How much these global predators are filled with hatred toward humans and want to see a smaller number of us alive for their good and the good of the planet.  A fast moving yet thoughtful exploration of the powers aligned against us.   A final thought:  People cannot be "objective" about other people.  Something in us connects us passionately to others and if we don't love or care about them we easily hate them.

The Glorious War Against Evil with Dr. Zev Zelenko as Dr. Breggin’s Guest 


From revolution to redemption, this incredible interview is with Zev Zelenko MD—the physician who introduced President Trump to the proper early treatment of COVID-19.  We begin with my identification of the next enormous and now ongoing assault on humanity as the World Health Organization (WHO) prepares to take over the national health systems of the world. Zev follows with vivid descriptions the evil perpetrators behind it all and the nature of this battle between good and evil.  Then he looks deeply into his own personal struggle to manage his emotions in facing the horrors in which we are all enmeshed, and I add my own personal experience of learning to live in this new life in this new world.  Zev ends on the theme of this glorious revolution through which we can all find redemption and revelations.  A remarkable sharing between two warrior friends. 

Fight for Freedom and All that's Good
Meet Patrick Coffin, a great hero in the fight for freedom and for all that’s good in Western civilization.  As a devoted Catholic, he bravely reveals the evil of the current “anti-Pope,” but his broader message of freedom and love is for all humanity.  As Ginger and I are, you will feel privileged to know Patrick.  Also, early in the show, I summarize our very latest findings on the newest great threat emerging from predatory globalism.  We believe we have discovered the next huge strategy after COVID-19 for undermining freedom and the Western democracies.  Be among the very first in the world to know how it already unfolding behind the scenes. 

WHAT’S NEXT? – The Newest Global Attack Is Upon Us. 

              On January 24, 2022, the global predators made their next big move toward the complete domination of humanity. The World Health Association (WH0)—slave to both Bill Gates and Xi Jinping—announced its already-activated plan to completely take over world health.  Calling it “a radical reorientation of health systems,” power over healthcare would shift from nations to WHO and the UN.  Many countries and the European Community (EC) have already enthusiastically endorsed the plan. Any U.S. Administration could bypass the Senate to make a binding treaty directly with WHO to give away control over a huge chunk of our economy (nearly 20%) and an even greater share of our dwindling freedom. Dr. Breggin devotes the show to exposing this unfolding threat to both our health and our freedom. 

Order your copy of our new book: COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We are the Prey available everywhere at Amazon and other book stores. 

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