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When the Shutdown Makes You Crazy:  At this time in the coronavirus pandemic,  when families are afflicted with so much stress and yet forced to remain together in the same household, conflicts and tensions are likely to heighten.   If approached properly, this close  proximity, instead of leading to tragedy, can lead to vastly improved communication and much better relationships.  My guest, psychologist Howie Glasser, and I discuss the most basic and important principles for having positive, rational communications that improve our relationships with those who matter in our  lives.   We provide guidelines and specific examples of how to change our approach to talking with those we care about and live with.   This is a good complement to the previous week’s Dr. Peter Breggin Hour, “Talking Together,” in which I cover similar issues in a presentation of my own, drawing on my many years as a therapist, husband and parent. 

Talking Together: Foolproof  Principles for Great Communication

In this time of going stir crazy from the shutdown, this presentation could save your marriage and your family life.  It can help you handle any trouble you may have now or in the future communicating with your husband or wife, your children, your friends, coworkers or boss.  From decades of experience, here are four guidelines to vastly improve your life by vastly improving your relationships.  I start with Western saloons that had signs, “Leave Your Guns Outside.”  Even without guns or other weapons, we humans have so many ways of hurting each other in ordinary conversation.  Here we learn how to stop hurting each other and then go on to how to  make all of our words improve our communications and our most important relationships.   This is among my best-ever presentations and perfect for those of us who are shut-in with family.  It could turn those “inevitable” conflicts into the best times of our lives.  You may end up grateful to this lousy virus for forcing you into learning how to remake your most important relationships.  

A brilliant spontaneous transcontinental conversation between myself and Great Britain’s leading psychiatrist, Joanna Moncrieff.  We start with breaking news about the coronavirus epidemic in Great Britain, Europe and the USA, and the differing responses in various countries.  Joanna gives a remarkable critique  of the bizarre and unconscionable approval of Ketamine for depression by the FDA and describes the drug effects more clearly than you will hear anywhere else.   We also discuss the very latest research confirming that antipsychotic drugs cause brain damage.  We also talk about differing views on the US opioid epidemic.  Along the way we touch on differences between the British and US medical and psychiatric systems as well as an overall critique of worldwide psychiatry.   Just meeting psychiatrist Joanna Moncrieff makes this information-crammed radio/TV presentation worth your time.   My wife Ginger and her mother Jean were “enthralled” by this show!

Epidemic Shame.  The radio/TV sequel to Epidemic Anxiety on the Dr. Peter Breggin hour on 

Shame is the great leveler, the emotion that knocks down the mighty as well as the rest of us.  It is a biologically built-in red stop light that can prevent us from achieving our most creative and even loving goals.  Shaming has become a mainstay of politics and a tool for ruining the identities of boys and girls before they achieve adulthood.   It drives students on campuses to believe they cannot handle “triggers,” instead of standing up to them.  We often feel too ashamed to even recognize that shame is holding us back in our personal relationships and our broader ambitions.   This presentation will show you identify this emotion that lurks in all of us without exception.   I describe the origins of shame in evolution and childhood, and how to triumph over it.  One of my best-ever presentations, it is based on my book Guilt, Shame and Anxiety:  Understanding and Overcoming Your Negative Emotions

Epidemic Anxiety.  A life-changing presentation! I examine the causes and recovery from anxiety of all kinds from the corona virus, global warning and political threats to severe clinical anxieties and everyday worries.   I describe how to tell the difference between anxiety and rational fears, the origins of anxiety in evolution and childhood, and the steps to take to overcome and transcend it.  This pioneering presentation draws on my book, Guilt, Shame and Anxiety:  Understanding and Overcoming Negative Emotions and the concept of negative legacy emotions, which I also call primitive or Stone Age emotions, that we can free ourselves from to live fulfilling lives.   

You will be astonished by what you learn from my guest, Commander (R) Mary Neal Vieten PhD. She is the Founder and Director of WarFighter Advance, the best program in the world for the treatment of returning soldiers suffering from war trauma. It is a model for everything good in how to help people in emotional and physical distress. Their drug-free, non-medical education and training approach starts with one very intensive week with professional and peer follow up. It is enormously successful, helping nearly everyone come off drugs and live a better life. Talking with Dr. Vieten on the show leads me to give a heartfelt analysis of just how bad psychiatric treatment has become. I say it outright: Psychiatrists are among the most stupid people on Earth about human nature and human life. We discuss how psychiatry needs to be replaced by innovative, caring programs like WarFighter Advance. You will be inspired and informed by Dr. Vieten, by WarFighter Advance, and by the show. Note: Dr. Breggin misspoke when he said Dr. Vieten's tours of duty were in Iraq.


Judith A. Reisman PhD is my hero and my guest on this week’s radio/TV hour.  Against enormous opposition, Dr. Reisman exposed the scientific fraud and outright child abuse perpetrated by Alfred Kinsey, a fake researcher and advocate for the destruction of sexual morality, who led the exploding sexual revolution that begin in 1948 and has never slowed down since then.  His unethical, criminal activities–masquerading as science and published as bestsellers–helped to corrupt Western values, causing inestimable harm. We owe to him an escalation in broken families, the degradation of love and sexuality, and a rise in child abuse.  Become one of the few to have heard this story.  Without it, you will have no idea what drove the sexual revolution in America. 


A KEY TO SUCCESSUL LIVING: With my marvelous guests, psychiatrist Pinar Miski MD and nutritionist/physician Pam Popper PhD we discuss perhaps the single most important key to success in life:  Identifying our feelings of helplessness, then refusing to become helpless and finally determining instead taking charge of our lives.   As a corollary, we discuss becoming a person who does not impose helplessness on others—a person who encourages people to be strong and self-determining.  These are not just words or slogans.   Nothing is more important life that learning to identify feelings of helplessness that can overcome us at critical moments in life when we must marshal all of psychological and intellectual resources in order to overcome emotional and real-life obstacles.  And few things matter more in life than also empowering the people in our lives.

Does Psychiatry Have a Future? Two psychiatrists, Peter R. Breggin, MD and Gail Tasch MD, squarely face the question as it has never been faced before:  Is there a place for psychiatry on the face of the Earth.  We look at and compare our training, consider the history and shortcomings of our profession and our colleagues, and come to a stunning conclusion.  If psychiatrists can see the light at the end of the their own tunnel, they can become the most heroic profession imaginable.  They can save millions of people, perhaps hundreds of millions, from a plague of neurotoxicity that’s more widespread than any known viral epidemic.   

The New Menace that Surpasses Psychiatry

My discussion with researcher-filmmakers Aaron and Melissa Dykes will open your mind to what the future holds for all our brains and minds—and it is far more insidious and potentially transformative of society than the primitive and yet already tragic shenanigans of so-called  modern psychiatry. For anyone who has wondered where a failed psychiatry will go—here is the answer that is now unfolding.

I have spent much of my life fighting psychiatric oppression in the form of primitive attempts at controlling the brain and mind through neurotoxic drugs, electroshock, and psychiatric brain surgery.  Now the FDA has approved electronic mind control in the form of Monarch, a device for flooding the brains of children with wholly destructive electrical impulses in the name of treating ADHD.  Yet Monarch is crude compared to what billionaire entrepreneurs are close to implementing, not just for the “mentally ill,” but for all of us. Please listen pay attention to this stunning analysis and exposé of mind control—past, present and future—with researcher filmmakers Aaron and Melissa Dykes, who created the incredible full-length documentary film, The Minds of Men, which has already been seen by millions. 

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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