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This show originally aired on March 7, 2011.
Howard Glasser is not only a great guest--his goal is to bring out the greatness in you!  Howie applies his Nurtured Heart Approach to helping individuals, training professionals, transforming schools and even enhancing communities.   This hour with me and Howard could inspire and guide you to find a more positive approach toward everyone in your life, including yourself.  It can help you muster from within yourself the power to be a more effective and loving husband or wife, parent, teacher, therapist or friend.  Howard, along with at least two marvelous people he has trained, will be among the more than forty presenters at our upcoming Empathic Therapy Conference in Syracuse, New York, April 8-10.   Find out about the conference at  It is open to everyone!

My guest is Chris Stankovich PhD an athletic counselor from Columbus, Ohio, who brings a fresh perspective about how to empower young people not only in their sports endeavors but in their lives.  A positive approach consistent with the best in empathic therapy.

My guest Gerald Porter, PhD has a broad and wonderful vision of psychology and psychotherapy.  We focus in part on psychiatric diagnosis vs. a genuine understanding of a person's life.

My guest Mathy Downing lost her 12 year old daughter to antidepressant-induced suicide.  I was a medical expert in her case.  Mathy's story exemplifies how to rise from tragedy and how much can be accomplished by one goodhearted well motivated person.

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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