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Are personal responsibility and free will mirages? Is there a better “post-modern” approach to therapy? My guest Stephen Madigan and I express opposing views on how to empower people.

My guest is Lisbeth Riis Cooper founder of the Mother Bear Community Action Network and the visionary behind the CooperRiis Healing Community. Hope and an expectation of recovery are the guiding lights for this shining star in the reform movement.

Can recovery from head injury lead to greater emotional and spiritual awareness and well being?  My guest Chrisanne Gordon, MD who recovered from head injury shares enlightening experiences about personal transformation following physical and emotional trauma.  A very special hour!

Author Martha Rosenberg knows her stuff about big pharma and drugs. Enlightening discussions about Direct to Consumer Advertising, the Feds $3 billion fines against Glaxo, and how the military was bought by Pharma. New information!

My guest Kevin Solomons MD is a British Columbia psychiatrist who became disappointed with medication outcomes and began listening to why his patients felt so bad about themselves. Explore with us the origins of low self-esteem and the path to a better life.

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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