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Let’s bring an end to “medication compliance” and the Almighty Doctor. We need a whole new approach to emotional well-being. Based on my new book, “Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal,” I advocate for the empowerment of therapists, patients, and families in a person-centered team effort. The focus is on drug withdrawal, but the overall approach transforms the way treatment is provided.

Researcher Alan Cassells, author of Seeking Sickness, looks at dangeous myths behind screening for and treating hypertension, high cholesterol, and prostate cancer, as well as mammograms and bone density studies for women.  Get this info before you take or respond to another screening test.  Every adult should listen to this show and pass it on to others.

My guest Craig Wiener, PhD and I talk about ADHD-like behaviors, their sources, and how to help change them through changing specific parent-child interactions. A practical, useful, and insightful hour for therapists, teachers, and parents; and even for older children and adults who think they have "ADHD."

My guest Jason Hartman and I range over topics from how the FDA protects drug companies to how to live and to invest in an unsafe world. With entrepreneurial spirit, he also eloquently critiques psychiatric drug use. Stimulating.

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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