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My guest, Bob Nikkel, former director of mental health and addictions for the State of Oregon, talks with me about innovative approaches to serious mental health problems including family interventions for early psychosis and dual diagnosis twelve step programs that actually succeed in helping recovery.

My guest is Los Angeles psychiatrist Walter E. Jacobson MD, author of Forgive to Win!, who shares his remarkable journey to his current positive spiritual approach to life and to therapy. Inspiring for Thanksgiving 2012!

This hour is Part I on the history of my reform work, with emphasis on lessons for the present time.  I take the listener through my work as a college volunteer, then medical school and psychiatric residency, showing the dramatic transformation from a profession with a psychosocial wing to a profession that pushes nothing but the biological model.  I'll pick up the story with my 1970s anti-lobotomy campaign at a future date.

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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