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Fear of gun massacres has led to calls for more psychiatric power over people, including involuntary treatment and a national mental patient registry.  My Guest is attorney Jim Gottstein, a pioneer in patient rights. Learn about the menace to everyone from giving more power to psychiatry.

My guest, Carolyn Crowder PhD, is an extremely skilled educator who specializes in helping parents to respectfully raise empathic, caring children.   This is a very good show for anyone interested in children and family life.

Dr. Bruce Perry, neuroscientist and child psychiatrist, coauthor of Born to Love and The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog, presents the latest science on the interface between brain biology, empathy, and the provision of genuine help.  A unique and very informative discussion.

Robert Neimeyer, PhD, an expert in grief and bereavement, shares profound insights with me on the nature of loss and how to integrate it into our emotional and spiritual lives.  This moving hour is about life itself.

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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