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Dr. Dathan Paterno, a very wise Chicago-area psychologist, talks with me about children and family life, his books, and his clinic that serves children and families.  This is a very educational show about both therapy and life.

My guest is Boston/Cambridge area psychologist Frank McNamara.  Therapists can learn how to enjoy their work and to do the most possible good without resort to psychiatric drugs.

My guest Thomas J. Moore is a premier researcher in drug safety.  From NSAIDs to psychiatric drugs, he sharpens our ability to evaluate drug research and alerts us to dangers, including his cutting edge studies of violence caused by prescription drugs.

My guest Michael Gilbert, PhD labors the trenches of urban schools.  He has insights on many levels from helping individual students to how the school system is failing. And did you know, its our poverty schools that drag down our international educational ratings?   Learn more by listening...

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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