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My guest Ethan Watters is the author of Crazy Like Us: The Globalization of the American Psyche. This is a don’t-miss show, filled with insights and new information about the invasiveness of Western psychiatric diagnoses and drugs, as well about what other cultures have to teach us. A really interesting conversation between the two of us about PTSD, ritual sexual abuse, multiple personalities, culture, human relationship, and, yes, the Psychopharmaceutical Complex.

My guest Bob Moylan, LCPC triumphed over a very challenging childhood--12 siblings, poverty, and an alcoholic father--to become a student, an athlete and an counselor with fresh and interesting ideas about therapy and life.   We have an enjoyable and inspiring time together.  Join us!

My guest is Ninu-Alexandri Quirk, MD who transformed her ordinary medical practice into empathic Holistic Medicine.   She offers eye-popping insights into the current practice of medicine and describes the latest holistic medical approaches to physical and psychological problems.

My guest is Robert K. Ferrie, MD, from the Toronto area. He's a medical doctor who became an empathic psychotherapist specializing in trauma. A lively discussion with some friendly debate about EMDR and also orthomolecular psychiatry which he utilizes for drug withdrawal.

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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