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My guest Thomas Fewer is a New Orleans counselor who has spoken out against the diagnosing and drugging of children.  We talk about offering meaningful therapy for adults from an existential, spiritual, and depth perspective.   May other therapists be inspired to speak out and to practice according to what they know is right.

Mike and Hope Bundrant represent, in my judgment, the real future of "mental health services."  Working outside the system, they focus on delivering genuine help.   A lively sharing about self-sabotage and finding the freedom to love.

Lebron James, Tiger Woods and one-fifth of high school boys now labeled ADHD. Tie it all together with me and sports trainer Dr. Chris Stankovich in a wide-ranging discussion of sports, emotional crackups, broken bones, and life. Wow!   And don't forget our Empathic Therapy Conference April 26-28 in Syracuse (

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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