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After I talk briefly about the brain-disabling principle of psychiatry treatment, my guest Dr. Robert Witchel and I discuss therapy and life.   A great opportunity to learn or to confirm what makes good therapy.  Lots of illustrative vignettes.

Bereavement and trauma expert Joanne Cacciatore PhD shares profound thoughts on the loss of children, and how to help, or to be with, people who have undergone life's most irreparable losses.  This remarkable pioneer in the field of grief provides a positive and inspiring exploration of life and death, and happiness.  I strongly recommend this hour.

In my intro, I review the current state of lobotomy and ECT. Then my guest Michael D. Ostrolenk launches us into a wide-ranging exploration of personal growth, individuality, freedom , democracy and society that reaches across political lines. A much need conversation in the world today.

Bob Rose, PhD is an educator you have to hear. He turns the Command and Control model on its head to create Self-Organizing classrooms that empower children.  Profound lessons for therapy and life and as well as education.

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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