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Peter J. Gordon MD from Scotland talks with me about dementia and the elderly; Alzheimer's and its causes, known and unknown; the risks of early detection; and the truth that being elderly and suffering from dementia does not negate our humanity.  Informative and empathic!

Kelly Brogan, MD is a NYC psychiatrist who specializes in helping women through nutrition, diet and other alternative approaches.   Listen to this extraordinary young doctor's honest coming to grips with her flawed professional training and her efforts to leave psychiatric drugs behind in her search for more helpful approaches to helping her patients.   A very lively discussion.

Psychologist, psychotherapists, clients--listen to my guest Dathan Paterno, PsyD who has bravely established a drug-free clinic and made it work.  Dr. Paterno profoundly addresses issues from psychospirituality in therapy to raising children who truly value themselves, and even to his work improving his local school system.

Vicki Coppock, from Great Britain, a critical social scientist whose work aims to give to voice to children, talks with me about psychiatry, mental health, family life, and the needs of children.   From feminism to individualism, from behaviorism to relationship, she brings wisdom to a panorama of subjects.

My guest Judge Lynn Tepper,  6th Judicial Circuit at Dade City, Florida, sees through the anger of children and adults, and their perpetrations, to understand the underlying childhood trauma and to give them new encouragement and direction, including putting limits on medication.  Great success stories.  Judge Tepper  is empathy in action!

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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