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My guest filmmaker Kevin P. Miller, creator of Generation Rx, talks with me about living a good life as a reformer.  Be inspired directing your life to make the choices you believe in.   You may not become rich and famous, but you will be satisfied with and deeply grateful for your life.   I strongly recommend this hour to everyone who wants to really live.   

You're a law abiding citizen and a vet, you  write something critical of the government on your Facebook, NSA detects it, a SWAT team seizes you in the dark of night, and you end up committed to a mental hospital.  My guest attorney John W. Whitehead blows the lid off America's emerging police state.  

In her first radio show appearance, social worker Rivka Edery LMSW speaks eloquently and from the heart about the place of spirituality and love in our personal lives and in our work as therapists.   This hour inspires and confirms the best in human nature.

Dr. Brent Potter is a psychotherapist in the "old" tradition of taking people and life seriously.   We have an in-depth discussion about the roots of profound human suffering and how people heal.   You will feel like you are sitting together with us sharing a thoughtful evening of discussion.  Join us.

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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