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Controversial, much needed and even radical.  Today's show with Miles Groth, PhD is about the blocks being placed on the road from boyhood to manhood, the "silencing" of boys and men, and its implications for both genders and for our culture.   Extraordinarily important.

My guest Enrico Gnaulati PhD and I cover two separate subjects:   First, we discuss the subtle differences between the view that childhood "disorders" have no scientific basis (my view) and that childhood disorders are greatly overdiagnosed (his).  For the second half hour, my guest provides an incredibly informed analysis of how we are suppressing the normal behavior of boys in our schools, families and culture.  His message has vast importance. 

My guest William P. Ryan, PhD is an experienced, caring and articulate therapist who talks with me about love, life, and therapy.   A thoughtful and encouraging hour for those who believe, or want to believe, that there is real meaning to life.  

My guest Gina Nikkel, PhD is the Executive Director of the Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care.  It is the most interesting, creative and important foundation in the entire field of mental health.  She and I talk about its many pioneering projects, including the Mother Bear Community Action Network, a family support network, as well as several of most effective mental health interventions available today.   

originally broadcast 01.16.13

This hour is Part I on the history of my reform work, with emphasis on lessons for the present time.  I take the listener through my work as a college volunteer, then medical school and psychiatric residency, showing the dramatic transformation from a profession with a psychosocial wing to a profession that pushes nothing but the biological model.  I'll pick up the story with my 1970s anti-lobotomy campaign at a future date.

originally broadcast 11.14.12

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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