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My guest Donna Rockwell PsyD is an expert on celebrities and fame, the DSM and she's especially interested in mindfulness.   
From Justin Bieber to Ramdas, this fascinating mix makes for an interesting show with a pioneering therapist and  psychologist.  

A most important interview! How do SSRI antidepressants given to a pregnant mother impact on her, on her unborn child, on her newborn child, on her nursing infant,  and even on her grown adult offspring?  Do they cause autism? Adult sexual dysfunction? Adam Urato, MD shares enormous wisdom. experience, and scientific knowledge about an escalating tragedy.   

Lucy Johnstone, PhD is a marvelous British psychologist on the cutting edge of what's good in the field.  She promotes"psychological formulation," including the patient's input, to replace psychiatric diagnosis.  Yes, replace it!

Psychologist John Rosemond, a very thoughtful man, believes "self-esteem" damages children, behaviorism corrupts them, psychiatry ruins them, and we need a return to parental moral authority.   Find out where we agree (which is almost everywhere).   

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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