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My guest Mary Ellen Copeland, PhD is doing exactly what's needed in the field of mental health:  offering the world a self-help program that works so well it can keep people out of mental hospitals and improve their lives forever. The Psychopharmaceutical Complex will never surrender power. We need a range of personally-tailored alternatives that people can use for their own recovery and self-empowering. Thank you, Dr. Copeland.

My guest Patrick Allen is a Canadian philosopher and ethicist who examines the underlying assumptions of biopsychiatry.  A thoughtful give-and-take about the nature and history of anxiety and depression, and role of drug companies in determining how we view of ourselves.   

Amazing British psychiatrist Philip Thomas takes us on a tour of exciting new reform events in Great Britain including the Critical Psychiatry Network which he helped to found.   Also learn about yesterday's $1.5 million malpractice verdict where I testified on behalf of a child damaged by psychiatric drugs.

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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