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My guest Martha Rosenberg is a genuine investigate reporter. Did you know the feds are developing a "vaccine"  for alcoholism and drug addiction? Or that Sgt Bales who murdered innocent Afghans was taking Larium, an anti-malarial drug that causes violence and suicide?  A spirited discussion.  Listen and learn from Martha.   

My guest Dr. Peter Kinderman heads a large Institute of Psychology, Health and Society in Great Britain, and gives us a window on the advances being made in GB compared to the US in mental health services.  He also provides wisdom and insight into the frontiers of psychosocial theory and practice, including the origins of emotional disturbance. A very thoughtful and educational hour. 

With guest psychologist Michael Cornwall, who himself as been through madness, this is the most profound examination of psychosis, its causes and healing, you will ever hear. Frightening warnings with an even more positive message. Listen and pass it on.

My guest Jon Rappoport, a truth-seeking, brilliant journalist, takes over the first half of my hour with a searing analysis of psychiatry's flaws, and when I arrive at the half hour he interviews me about my earliest days in the psychiatric maelstrom with real-life anecdotes about my younger days. Different and very interesting.


The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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