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An extraordinary researcher Thomas Moore joins me to talk about violence caused by drugs, including some like Chantyx you might never suspect, and about the highest risk drugs among children, including not only ADHD drugs, but others again you wouldn't suspect.  This show is an informative as an hour can get.

Chrisanne Gordon, MD, her own life transformed by a traumatic brain injury, became an expert at helping returning soldiers suffering from physical and emotional trauma.  Her personal story and her work explores what it means to be human and to find within yourself a spiritual connection that can triumph over injury to the mind and brain.   A wonderful hour that's relevant to all of us!

Thomas D. Ryan, MD is a pediatrician so principled and honorable that once he realized it was wrong to psychiatrically diagnose and drug children he stopped doing it and instead began to provide children with what they need.   Dr. Ryan is an inspiration and, if listened to, could spearhead a return to sound pediatric practice and save the quality of life of millions of children and future adults.  


Bob Brewin, investigative reporter, provides the data and I provide the outrage and the analysis on the extraordinarily abusive psychiatric drug practices involving our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as afterward in the VA.  The drug companies found the ideal top-down market for their drugs: Get the army to give them to active duty combat soldiers--a mind-boggling 20% of them.  Unsupervised young men and women carry into combat 90-120 day supplies of all the most dangerous drugs: benzos like Xanax, stimulants like amphetamine; antidepressants like Paxil and Prozac; and antipsychotic drugs like the old Trilafon and the new Seroquel.  Hear an in depth expose and examination of the Psychopharmaceutical Complex at its worst and the irresponsible psychiatrists who so eagerly enforce it.  A tour de force of psychiatry at its worst. 

My guest Michael W. Corrigan EdD is an enormously experienced psychologist and educator who has worked for decades promoting more positive "prosocial" education. We discuss everything from the flaws of international testing that rank American education too low to what children really need which is... their parents! A frontier in education show with lots of information on ADHD and better approaches to helping children.  

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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