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Want to delve into the experience of hearing voices?  Matthew Morris, a gentle, empathic mental health nurse in England provides a window, along with much wisdom about helping people.  My news flash takes lessons from the Santa Barbara shootings. 

Kevin P. Miller, filmmaker who gave us Generation Rx, the best one on children and psychiatric drugs, describes his upcoming sequel Letters from Generation Rx.  We discuss the limits on what doctors should be able to do to children, like prescribing them poisons in the guise of treatment.  Topnotch show. 


Canadian Marnie Wedlake, PhD describes how she helps people through their expressing and developing the narratives of their own lives, and how drugs and diagnoses interfere with this.   Also learn about qualitative vs. quantitative research.  Very interesting stuff.   

A new diagnosis "Sluggish Cognitive Tempo" to use against our children and for the drug companies.
My guest, Fred Ernest PhD, cuts to the core of our psychiatric assault on children.  A powerful show.

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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