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Orly Wahba is taking the world by storm with kindness!  Her project "Life Vest Inside" unites people throughout the world to spread kindness, promoting the essence of what's good and helpful.  "The more I give, the more I heal" she declares as she touches tens of millions.

Sami Timimi is a thoughtful, caring British child and adolescent psychiatrist who represents the finest traditions and newest thinking in our field.  Sami talks eloquently and specifically about what really works in helping distressed children and families, and it's not drugs and diagnoses.  

Beth Darnall, PhD is a psychologist specializing in pain management whose insights apply to mental as well as physical suffering.   Learn why and how not to catastrophize!   Inspiring information about mind over matter, with many lessons that apply to all of life!

Betty Kilbride is an author and show host, ardent advocate for our soldiers, informed critic of psychiatric drugs, and enthusiastic promoter of the Founding Principles of America.   Lively and informative! 

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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