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My guest is Gina Nikkel, Executive Director of the Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care.  Her group funds the most cutting edge, pioneering and successful projects in recovery today.  Her work offers hope for the future.  You will want to say, as I do, "Thank you, Gina."

85588349My guest Michael Orban vividly describes his journey from the jungles of Vietnam and the trauma of war through a recovery that includes regaining meaning from African pigmies and their spiritual immersion in nature.   He was inspired, as I have also been, by Albert Schweitzer's "will to live" and "reverence for life,"  and explains how he applies relationship and values to helping veteran's from today's wars.  

Listening to Penelope Young Andrade LCSW exchange with ideas me is like immersing yourself in an inspiring psychotherapy session.   Learn more about your emotions and how they can promote your success and happiness!  For clients, therapists who want to be true to their work, and anybody with feelings.


Jeanne Stolzer, professor of child and adolescent development, will amaze you with her science-based  insights into the vast importance of truly natural childbirth, of nursing, and of mother-child physical and emotional closeness.  Controversial and factual.  Hear me lapse into stunned silence.   PS:  I'll be giving a free lecture at her university in Kearney, Nebraska the evening of Sept 15.

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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