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British psychologist Gary Sidley and I discuss his journey of disillusionment with the establishment and then freely indulge our thoughts and fantasies about what an ideal "mental health services" would look like. I found it interesting.  

Do not miss this show with psychologist Martin Harrow who has done the most extensive scientific follow ups on what happens to patients labeled schizophrenic when they stop their drugs early on versus when they continue taking them.  Guess which group does by far the best--the drug-free or the drugged?   Even I was surprised at the dramatic results. 

Michael Fontaine, PhD, a scholar of classic Roman and Greek society, illuminates our modern fields of psychology and psychiatry with his insights.   Did you know that criticism and ridicule was heaped on biological psychiatry from its inception in ancient Greece?   A very interesting, thoughtful, and enlightening hour.

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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