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My guest Michael W. Corrigan, EdD spearheads a movement to enlighten the world about the fakery behind ADHD and stimulant drugs.   The future of our children depends on the support we give to dedicated professionals like Dr. Corrigan.   Join the movement to protect and promote our kids!

A fascinating discussion with psychotherapist Jess DiGiorgianni, PhD a student of the classics, neuroscience, and the art of living.  Is guilt ever deserved?  Does creativity require suffering?   What does it mean to "disappear" as a therapist?   

Dramatic, touching, inspiring, informative.  Ted Chabasinski at age six was given shock treatment but went on to become a brilliant civil rights attorney defending the otherwise defenseless victims of psychiatry.   He talks with me and you about his life and work, and the upcoming May 16th worldwide protest against ECT. 

Super show!  Stuff I never knew about attachment, gender differences, early childhood and our anxieties.  With amazing Jeanne Stolzer, PhD.

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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