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Gina and Bob Nikkel keep us abreast of cutting edge, pioneering work sponsored by the Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care, including the Voice Hearers movement, non-drug company medical education, and long-term follow studies of people labeled schizophrenic.   There is hope--and its represented by these two great people and their growing organization.

Jennifer Maurer, fun coach, play coaches me on the air, much to my benefit and very likely for yours as well.  Find out the importance of play in our lives and in therapy.   It’s greater than you might think.

Jeanne Stolzer and I talk again about love, attachment theory, secrets to life, the origins of anxiety, our relationships with dogs, and what it means to be both a mammal and a human being.   I loved it.

What is human nature? Psychotherapist and philosopher Mel Schwartz and I differ, as we discuss everything from couples therapy to international politics. Thought-provoking! 

About my newest book, Guilt, Shame and Anxiety:  Understanding and Overcoming Negative Emotions.  These self-defeating emotions are primitive instincts built into us by evolution, but we can achieve emotional freedom from them. 

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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