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Danish physician and scientist Peter Gøtzsche and I provide an extremely hard-hitting critique of psychiatric drugs and involuntary treatment.   Dr.  Gøtzsche is hero!   Listen and benefit, and also attend two upcoming conferences in Denmark and England.

I report on James Holmes, the Aurora shooter, and how Zoloft helped turn him from harboring violent thoughts to committing mass murder.  Then Martha Rosenberg, a top investigative reporter, talks with me about drug company front groups pushing poisons on children and college students, and bad outcomes that are guaranteed. 

Robert Whitaker, one of the best researchers ever in psychiatry and mental health, talks about why psychiatry has pursued its current state of moral dilapidation.  Then we go on together to discuss the deep social harm  caused by what Bob calls psychiatry's "impoverished philosophy of being."  I hope you will listen and be inspired by this interesting conversation. 

My guest Gregory A. Smith, MD talks about his new film, American Addict II, examines the corruption of American society by drug dealers (legal and illegal), and describes his informed therapeutic approach to withdrawal from psychiatric drugs and opiates. Full of good facts and inspiring.

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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