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Journalist Danielle Egan and I document the tragic truth about Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) for depression, and about psychosurgery past and present.
Danielle is a courageous, brilliant journalist, well-armed with facts, who has personally interviewed victims of these technological abuses.

A positive, loving approach to helping children and adults in therapy, education and everyday life. Howard Glasser and his Nurtured Heart Approach are transforming thousands of lives around the world.  Hear us talk about how you can bring out the best in yourself and others.

A master class in psychotherapy to help very disturbed and even violent people. Bertram Karon, PhD may be the most experienced clinician and researcher in the world concerning drug-free treatment of people labeled  "schizophrenic" or rejected as incurably violent.  He is also the most articulate.  Bert provides very detailed real life stories and concludes with scientific research. 

My guest Rebecca Hatton, PsyD is trained in the Open Dialogue family therapy approach to treating psychosis.  The model program produces complete remission and return to work or school in over 80% using little or no drugs.   Knowing about this is a must for anyone interested in what direction our field needs to take.  Very informative

Paula Caplan, PhD, psychologist, researcher, author and courageous advocate gives profound insight into the fraud and greed that keep psychiatric diagnosis alive and well--while those diagnosed have their lives destroyed.  Very powerful!

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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