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Paula J. Caplan PhD and I begin with the latest news flash on what works for "schizophrenia."  Then we critically examine the concepts of "mental illness" and "treatment," and ask ourselves "From youngsters having a breakdown to veterans returning from war, what do all people really need in order to heal?"  A show that tells the truth about all of us.

Educational psychologist Michael Corrigan EdD debunks ADHD and offers solid suggestions on what our children really need in school and at home.   We range over many emerging alternatives from "flipping the classroom" to charter schools, and fallacies in testing academic progress. 

From Ireland, Terry Lynch MD tells how he changed his professional life to really help people in emotional distress.    He explains how psychiatrists delude themselves rather than face the reality that they are telling lies.   A very thoughtful man.    

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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