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What does madness in ancient Greek drama tell us about madness today? An extremely enlightening discussion with Michael Fontaine, Professor of Classics, with insights into how we can best think about hallucinations and delusions.

Sex and love, how to enjoy it, with Tim Evans and Geri Carter. Also, briefly about our upcoming March 3-5 conference together near Tampa, Florida. A very good discussion about how to improve or reclaim a loving relationship.

Who are we?  What is a human?  Be enthralled as Matthew Whoolery and I focus on his adventures among the African Himba. See what earlier human lifestyles can tell us about who we really without the confounding influence of modern "civilization." 

The great new film is Letters from Generation Rx.  The heroic maker and my guest is Kevin Miller.  Along with other psychiatric reformers, we are also getting together at a marvelous conference for the public March 3-5, 2016 in Florida.  Learn about Kevin, his stunning film,  and the conference in this stellar hour.

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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