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Marvelous Krista MacKinnon, founder, deserves everyone’s attention.  She comes from her own “lived experience”with biopsychiatry. Now she has an online program for healing through loving family without emphasis upon diagnoses and drugs. A pioneering approach in healing individuals in the context of a more loving family life.

Andrew Almazan, MD PhD, a 21-year-old child prodigy, provides one of the best interviews ever.  Learn about senile ADHD in the US.  Learn how Mexico purposely dumbs down students to make them “equal.” Full of shocking surprises and also inspiration from an extraordinary professional.   


Orly Wahba so inspires me, I hardly say a word.  Do not miss this! With amazing energy and creativity, joy and pathos, she goes to the heart of both bringing people together and living a good life.

An important hour. Australian psychiatrist John Jureidini describes how primary care doctors and others can really help children who are in distress, on training people to help others in emotional difficulty, on being a minimalist when trying to help, and the limits of psychiatric drugs. 

Australian psychiatrist Niall (Jock) McLaren is an extremely courageous, honest and dedicated professional who makes a powerful philosophical critique of modern psychiatry.  He also talks about his recent successful effort to stop a case of involuntary shock treatment (ECT).

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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