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My guest, Melanie Sears PhD, is a trainer for the Center of Nonviolent Communications.  Based on self-awareness and empathy, the approach improves communication on every level from working with individuals and couples to working with hospitals and businesses.  It enhances any therapeutic activity or relationship, large or small. Genuinely holistic and clearly effective, the nonviolent communication approach should be a central part of our family, professional and community lives.  

Wayne Douglas went through benzo hell and lived to tell the tale, leaving psychiatric drugs behind.   His story teaches us how bad benzodiazepines are for the human body and soul, and also how hard work and determination, and healthy living, can help us triumph over the nasty mental and neurological effects of these drugs during both toxic exposure and withdrawal.   He shares his experiences trying to get redress in the Japanese court system and, as a bonus, he also dramatically describes how he also survived the Fukushima earthquake and the subsequent nuclear meltdown.   Very interesting stories from a courageous man!

Patrick D. Hahn takes us on an energetic tour of the Pharmaceutical Empire from fish exposed to Prozac and Xanax in contaminated rivers to corrupt doctors being paid off at Harvard.  The Pharmaceutical Empire pollutes at every level.  Patrick exemplifies how professionals outside the mental health field are appalled by what they find going on with psychiatric drugs and can make important contributions to critical psychiatry and pharmacology.  Be informed and be inspired!

My guest scientist Thomas J. Moore, who tells greatly informatives stories,  does peerless epidemiological research and education in the field of adverse drug effects.  His science combined with anecdotes makes this a very important hour.  Tom confronts the discrepancy between real neuroscience and drug-company inspired research.  They are light years apart.  Subjects include the smoking cessation drug Chantix and other medications that cause violence and suicide, and the overall complexity of brain function.  

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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