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Kim Witczak lost her husband to antidepressant-induced suicide and has become a powerful advocate speaking truth to the Pharmaceutical Empire.  Hear her astonishing story of one person’s impact in Washington, DC, including her recent appointment as the Consumer Representative on the FDA Advisory Committee that makes recommendations about approving psychiatric drugs.  Learn about the new drug company thrust to undermine Black Box warnings on drugs about suicide and violence.   A very informative and inspiring hour with a great consumer advocate.  A real glimpse into the corruption rampant in government/industry relationships.  

Dr. Peter Breggin Talks About the Trump Victory

I spent this hour addressing the grief of American progressives and the dismay of many Europeans over the defeat of Hillary Clinton and the election victory of Donald Trump.  I draw on my book, Wow! I’m an American! How to Live Like Our Heroic Founders and present what I call the Primary Principles of living a good life.   No one knows how Trump will act as President but many of us hope he will, at least to some degree, promote the great principles that founded this nation.   I hope that sharing these ideas on the radio, at this time of grief and anger for many, will help to heal the rancor and to help those who feel grief and rage to understand those of us who have more hope for the future of America.    

Wonderful Pam Popper, premier scientific nutritionist and successful innovator, will educate and inspire you about the real road to overall health.  Listen and come to her stunning wellness conference  in Columbus OH.   I will be presenting and  in the mornings amid a full day of great scientific presenters.   

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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