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Peter Gøtzsche, MD, an extraordinary physician and researcher, talks with me about the self-deception and denial rampant in psychiatry as we ask, “How can our colleagues behave in this way?”  We look at the mountain of money, power and authority looming over our reform efforts and ask, “How can we succeed?”  A heartfelt conversation about the disaster of modern psychiatry and our personal and professional efforts to come to grips with it.  We look at the plight of patients whose doctors do not listen to them and indeed the plight of psychiatrists seemingly compelled to do harm regardless of the truth and any efforts to stop them.  This is the final in a marvelous series of four consecutive conversations with Peter about the state of psychiatry and what can be done about it, available on and on   I can think of no better introduction to psychiatric reform than listening to these four dialogues.

Involuntary treatment has led to untold numbers of individual abuses,  rampant torture in state hospitals, ECT and lobotomy, neurotoxic drugs, gross offenses against constitutional and human rights, and crimes against humanity.  At the Nuremberg Doctors' trials, involuntary psychiatric "euthanasia" would be described as an entering wedge into the Holocaust.  Esteemed Danish medical researcher Peter Gøtzsche, MD, and I confront the horror of involuntary treatment from personal, ethical, scientific, constitutional, and political perspectives.  This could be the best and most lively discussion of coercion in psychiatry you will ever hear.   Extremely important for understanding the menace of psychiatry.   Please tell others about this important hour, the third of four consecutive talks with Peter Gøtzsche. 

Extremely provocative and yet absolute true: Psychiatric drug-induced violence and suicide, and the underlying evil that drives pharmaceutical cover-ups!  Peter C. Gøtzsche, MD, Danish researcher, joins me for the second of four one-hour examinations of what he calls “Deadly Psychiatry and Organized Denial.”   Drawing on the most recent research, this discussion left me nearly shouting in my outrage over what is routinely taking place in psychiatry and the Pharmaceutical Empire, and its rampant abuse of patients.   Listen to all four weekly discussions with this brilliant, dedicated, ethical physician, starting December 7, 2016. 

This is the first of four consecutive hours with Peter C. Gøtzsche MD, author of Deadly Psychiatry and Organized Denial.  Dr. Gøtzsche is an internationally esteemed scientist from Denmark who became appalled when he began to examine psychiatric research and clinical practices, independently coming to many of the same conclusions as I have.   He documents his work with a fresh, insightful scientific approach. In this hour, we examine the enormous gap between how psychiatrists perceive their patients and how their patients perceive themselves, and how the drive to drug corrupts prescribers, making them unable to appreciate or understand the people that they are treating. 


An astonishing hour with classicist Michael Fontaine PhD relating Greek and Roman tragedies to madness, psychosis, the oppression and liberation of women, the impact of Elvis and the Beatles, and the fear that men have of women and of slaves.  Truly a rich and thoughtful conversation about psychology and life, now and in the past, and its common themes of conflict and injustice.   

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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