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A wonderful hour with psychotherapist Michael Cornwall as we talk about helping people in “extreme states.”   These are people, in Michael’s words, who get “medically cursed” instead of helped.   We explore the true nature of extreme states and helping these people without diagnosing and drugging them.   Extreme states can lead to new growth and learning.  But artificially inducing them with psychoactive drugs like LSD, in my view, is too dangerous an approach; and I emphasize the risks of treating them with marijuana or its active substances.   Michael is so experienced, so dedicated, and so genuine, it is a pleasure to share him with you. 

My guest is British Aristocracy. Luke Montagu is the heir to Mapperton, the finest manor house in England, and is slated to one day become the Earl of Sandwich. But it has not been a charmed or fairytale life and antidepressants almost destroyed him. Instead of retreating into dreams of becoming an Earl, Luke has become one of the most compassionate and caring people I have had the honor to interview on the Dr. Peter Breggin Hour. He puts efforts in supporting the spirituality of the Dali Lama and in developing and distributing programs to teach compassion and forgiveness in schools. Beyond that, he manages to devote himself to the seemingly diverse task of bringing scientific sanity to psychiatry and mental health. I enjoyed and benefitted from having an hour with Luke Montagu. You will, too.

Kim Olver is a coach, counselor and director of the William Glasser Institute.  My organization is cosponsoring a great conference with her July 26-29, 2017, including a full-day workshop on July 26 with me and Bob Whitaker (, click on Upcoming Events).  The show with Kim focuses on what people really need to have good lives and then progresses to how a person can become a well-trained certified counselor or coach without going through too much unnecessary and often corrupting education.  Training counselors and coaches is basic to delivering decent drug-free mental health services.  What is a counselor? What is a coach?  Do they need any advanced education other than a certificate from a good training program?   All this is basic to the directions we must take to provide relatively inexpensive, high quality emotional and psychological help.

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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