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The best one-hour discussion about nutrition available anywhere.  Nutritionist Pam Popper PhD discusses why people now have so many medical problems that barely or never existed before modern times, such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and kidney disease, as well as seemingly infinite numbers of immune disorders. The answer is nutrition:  we humans no longer eat what evolution prepared us to eat.  From there we discuss the general relationship between poor nutrition and emotional problems.  Finally, in detail, we talk about the best science-based diet now available, one that’s inexpensive enough to eat on food stamps. This is an amazingly important educational hour.

I start this hour by describing an extraordinary attack on my free speech that is currently unfolding surrounding the Michelle Carter suicide-by-texting trial.   Please keep track on my Frequent Alerts on   Then Stefan Ecks, PhD, provides us with information that no one else in the world possesses.  It concerns the marketing and consumptions of medications, including psychiatric drugs, in India and other less developed societies. His fascinating information gives insight into the workings of Indian society and also into the dangers of free-for-all marketing almost without regulation.   For those of us believe in a relatively free market, it is a grim reminder of what happens when industries and “professionals” are controlled neither by shared ethics nor by regulation.  

Robert E. Wubbolding, EdD is a practitioner of Choice Theory and Reality Therapy developed by psychiatrist William Glasser, who was a close ally and a friend of mine in his later years.    Bob is doing a great job worldwide spreading Reality Therapy.  He shares with me his wisdom and experience about how to help people from coaching to intensive psychotherapy, and also about the personality of Bill Glasser.

Marriage and family therapists Kermit Cole and Louisa Putnam  do a wonderful job sharing experiences as family therapists.  They have the unique perspective of a couple who works as a team in helping other couples.  They bring a broad social perspective.  They are also remarkable in their lifelong devotion to psychiatric reform and their leadership in key reform organizations such as Mad in American and The Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care.   Their way of life is informative, admirable and fulfilling. 

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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