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A potentially lifesaving show where I talk in the second half hour about nutritional changes you can make that can improve your physical health dramatically  The first half hour briefly describes our upcomingcombined nutritional and emotional well-being conference, starting  on November 12 in Ohio. (   Then I am joined by my guest Peter Gøtzsche, the marvelous, heroic Danish physician, and critic of psychiatry who will be speaking at the conference as well.  Today’s original show was planned for an hour with Dr. Gøtzsche but technical problems intervened, and I ended up spontaneously giving my first one-half hour talk on nutrition.  Changing how you eat can improve your health beyond expectations--and you can do it while buying relatively inexpensive foods from your grocery story without paying for a special diet or costly useless supplements.  


The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – replayed from 12.21.16

 Involuntary treatment has led to untold numbers of individual abuses,  rampant torture in state hospitals, ECT and lobotomy, neurotoxic drugs, gross offenses against constitutional and human rights, and crimes against humanity.  At the Nuremberg Doctors' trials, involuntary psychiatric "euthanasia" would be described as an entering wedge into the Holocaust.  Esteemed Danish medical researcher Peter Gøtzsche, MD, and I confront the horror of involuntary treatment from personal, ethical, scientific, constitutional, and political perspectives.  This could be the best and most lively discussion of coercion in psychiatry you will ever hear.   Extremely important for understanding the menace of psychiatry.   Please tell others about this important hour, the third of four consecutive talks with Peter Gøtzsche. 

Lawyer and cardiologist Brant Mittler MD is man of enormous insight into the problems of monitoring and evaluating medical and psychiatric treatment, and brims over with enthusiasm for critically intelligent conversation.  We talk about a psychiatrist Brant reviled in his medical training, and how I was later an expert against the same doctor.  The psychiatrist was abusing his patients and when they complained he would send them to Harvard for lobotomies.  Here about the remarkable outcomes of my two cases against him.   Brant also read my Michelle Carter Blog Series based on my experience as the medical expert for the girl who supposedly told her boyfriend to get back in his fume-filled truck to die.  I finished my blog series today on, also accessible through   The Michelle Carter trial is a model for how our society has turned on its children, sacrificing them to the greed of adults and adult institutions including the justice system and psychiatry, and the omnipresent seemingly omnipotent Pharmaceutical Empire.

John Read PhD is a psychologist who has taught and researched in Great Britain, Australia and the US.  He has taken on many of the most important mental health issues of our time:  the role of neglect and abuse in all so-called mental disorders, the role of trauma in hearing voices, the dreadful impact of long-term exposure to antidepressants, the harm of ECT, and the best approaches to healing emotional suffering, including family interventions.  John ‘s voice is positive as he keeps us in touch with the most encouraging innovations, including the growing strength of the movement of voice hearers.  A very good show!

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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