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My guest again is Peter Gøtzsche, MD, the remarkable Danish physician and researcher who has written the stunning book, Deadly Psychiatry and Organized Denial. Our theme is “How Psychiatry Uses Force Against Its Patients and Its Critics.”   This impassioned conversation will give you a deeper look into how the two of us think about our scientific and reform work; and about the real depth of the depravity expressed throughout the history of psychiatry right into modern times.   You will hear momentary silences as we struggle to find the words to explain the harm that psychiatry perpetrates against its patients and all of society.   This show moved me personally.

James Moore has “lived experience” with the harm caused by antidepressants and the difficulties of withdrawing from them.   He reveals his own personal struggles in order to encourage and inform others.   James reminds us that doctors in the US or Great Britain know very little about the difficulties of withdrawal and instead blame these reactions on the patient’s “mental illness.”  James is finding ways to promote and empower projects that stand outside the current system.  He describes several useful resources for those who are trying to withdraw and for those who are trying to help them.   James gives us an excellent introductory hour for anyone interested in psychiatric drug withdrawal.   You can keep up with his great pod cast on   

According to my guest, investigative journalist Jon Rappoport, the opioid epidemic is much more than an epidemic--it is a criminal conspiracy.  

He describes how the US Congress, FDA, DEA and Justice Department have systematically refused or failed to deal with the sources of the flood of pain medications knowingly over-produced and misdirected into the addiction market by the Pharmaceutical Industry.   Listen to what Jon has to say and you will a better informed if even more disillusioned citizen.  The political and industrial behavior he describes fits the pattern that I am familiar with--a Pharmaceutical Empire and medical profession devoted to profits and not to people, and a government that aids and abets them.

My guest Bonnie Burstow PhD is an amazing researcher and scholar, and one of the world’s leading activists against psychiatric abuse, including electroshock. Bonnie's creativity is boundless, and describes the courage it took to write her new novel about ECT called “The Other Mrs. Smith.” She does a reading from her book on the air that is incredibly moving. Bonnie will educate, inspire and stir you up. In another arena, for the first time ever, Bonnie has made “antipsychiatry” a legitimate field of scholarship at a university by establishing and personally endowing a scholarship for advanced studies in antipsychiatry at her University of Toronto. Being with Bonnie is a privilege you will enjoy.


My marvelous guest is Pam Popper PhD who is devoting her life to informed decision-making in medicine, which includes informed nutrition and informed mental health.   You can meet me and Pam in person next week in Columbus, Ohio at her conference, November 10-12.  I’m cosponsoring and have invited the great Danish critic of psychiatry, Peter Gøtzsche, to be there, too!   Meanwhile, this is an incredible radio hour about nutrition and good health, and how the establishment corrupts these vital services.   A blue ribbon for Pam!   Conference information is available at or

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