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My guest, journalist MK Mendoza, provides one of the most heartfelt, original and important hours I have experienced on the air.  One year after her father’s death, she speaks out in public for the first time about what it is like to be a family member of someone labelled mentally ill who was then destroyed by psychiatric treatment.  From the age of ten until now, she has struggled with what was done to her father, to her whole family, and to herself by the lies and destructive treatments that are now all-too-familiar, including involuntary hospitalization, ECT and drugs.   More vividly than any I have known, she speaks about the toll within the family over conflicts about psychiatric treatment, choosing sides, scapegoating, and blaming, and finally guilt and shame.  MK is not complaining; she is planning—filled with ideas about actions to take.   Listen to MK, spread the word, take inspiration from her, and get in touch with her.    

Andrew Sercombe from Great Britain works outside the establishment in his own business as a “therapeutic coach.”  He brings enormous enthusiasm, spirituality, sound values and practical psychology to his high impact, short-term approach to helping people find and pursue what they want in life.  To those of us accustomed to a slower more leisurely pace, Andrew will be both challenging and inspiring.  Andrew destroys conventional ideas about psychotherapy in ways that I believe will encourage genuine progress.  At the same time, he applies and confirms sound  psychological insights.  I think this is the future of helping people—outside academia and professionalism where an enormous variety of approaches compete in an open marketplace.  I was provoked to rethink time-tattered concepts in this enjoyable conversation.

Tony Stanton, MD is a child and adult psychiatrist who has been in the field almost as long as I have, and like me from the beginning knew that drugs were not the answer.  For more than two decades, Tony ran a program in California that took the last resort children of the state, those who had “failed” everywhere else, often in broken families with parents in jail.  He successfully helped them to come off their multiple medications and to gain a sense of worth and their place in the community.  Safety, engagement and predictability, along with empathic listening, are the principles Tony promotes.  Tony has transcended his profession to become a beacon of wisdom and understanding.  He can help you to have a more fulfilling start to your New Year.  

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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