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Today was Open Lines Friday where my audience becomes my guest and listeners call in to comment and to ask questions.  Today my callers focused on recovery from medications.  What do we need for ourselves to enhance recovery after we’ve been off psychiatric medications for months or years?  How long does recovery take?   How much exercise is enough?  What about counseling or diet? Guest callers contributed good ideas, encouragement and inspiration.  Remember that the show is live every Wednesday at 4-5 pm on  The phone number for calling the show is 888 874 4888; but the show itself is heard on line at

Today my audience was my guest and we had many wonderful callers.  Many were informative, some were challenging, and several were deeply touching as people shared their struggles and I tried to offer comfort and direction.  I am getting to like this  format better and better.   I now have a dedicated email for the radio show,   Listen to this hour and email me how you liked it and how it might be improved.  This is becoming my new direction.   I’ll continue to have official guests; but my audience is now my best guest.   You can listen to the Dr. Peter Breggin Hour, every Wednesday at 4 pm NY Time, on  You can call in toll free with 888 874 4888.   And check out the new PRN app. 

This was open mic hour where you, my marvelous listening audience, get a chance to tell your story and to ask questions.  Today we had many very uplifting stories and many interesting and important questions.  I offer the best I can in the way of advice, direction and encouragement.  Although I've often taken calls like this on other people's radio shows, this was my first show of its kind.  It was such a success with so many callers that I’m planning another purely call-in show for Wednesday August 29, 2018 at 4 pm NY Time.  As always call in to 888 874 4888.  I love doing this and I hope you will love listening and calling in.    My current plan is to offer an open microphone on the last Wednesday of every month and maybe more often depending on your participation.  Thanks for being such a great audience!  

Where are all the young psychiatrists?  Well, they are beginning to express themselves.  My guest is psychiatrist Pinar Miski, MD, who teaches my live on-line course, “Why and How Stop Taking Psychiatric Drugs,” which you can find   Pinar brings serious clinical experience as a psychiatric consultant on medical wards and also as a person knowledgeable in the field of nutrition.   She offers a caring, straightforward and sound approach to helping people that may help you rediscover your faith in yourself.  It may even put some healthy chinks in the psychiatric armor.  This was Pinar's first radio show ever and it was 5/5 stars.

My guest today is Dr. Ayo Maat, a pastoral counselor and unrelenting activist in Chicago’s inner city.   In a far-ranging discussion we look at what people living in poverty and disability in the inner cities really need.  We also describe our mutual efforts in the 1990s that successfully stopped a racist eugenic federal program in the United States, including Chicago.  Some of what you discover may be surprising as we learn from Dr. Maat ‘s extensive experience as a reformer confronting discrimination in many areas of life including race, poverty, and mental disability.  Her heroic life as a reformer is inspiring.   Also, remember that we are now taking callers live every Wednesday at 4 pm NY time at 888 874 4888 and that you can email your thoughts about the program to

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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