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An hour that could change you, helping you climb into the light of a worthwhile life.  My audience becomes my guests, with greater callers for the entire hour.  We talk not only about the harm from psychiatric drugs and electroshock, but how to overcome their negative effects upon you and your family.  We explore how to create a good life.  The Dr. Peter Breggin hour is every Wednesday from 4-5 pm NY time.  You can listen live on or on the PRN.FM Ap.   You can call in from anywhere in the world on 888 874 4888.  The last Wednesday of every month is entirely for callers who want to ask a question, to share their experience, or to comment.  Call in any Wednesday from 4-5 PM NY time and especially every last Wednesday of the month, which is my favorite format, because you become my guest.  We will talk live on the radio, we will get to know each other better, and I will respond to exactly what's on your mind.    

A rousing hour with my friend and professional partner, Pam Popper, PhD about the state of medicine and psychiatry, conflicts of interest, the on-line course I teach through her organization (Wellness Forum Health), my new video courses that are coming out, and our upcoming conference November 8-10 in Columbus, Ohio.   Listen to the show and get Pam’s direct phone and email to learn about our work together.  This is a show that is flat out interesting, and Pam is totally inspiring.  You can also learn about what we are doing and get her contact information at my website,

With psychologist Michael Corrigan, a very strong show about what do children really need!  Michael is a researcher, teacher and author who has devoted his professional life, as well as his family life, to caring for children.   Michael’ focus is on what can we do about the dreadful plight of foster care children who get drugs instead of real help?  I chime in on the nature of that real help.  Foster children need the very same thing that more fortunate children need—loving, informed parents and substitute parents.  How do we achieve that?  Remember to call in every Wednesday at 4-5 pm NY time to join the conversation.  The call in number is 888 874 4888.  To listen to the show, go to  



A wonderful show with someone you really should get to know:  Educator Denise Herrenbruck, who this week received the Fifth Honored Guest Blogger Award.  She tells the story of her father and his tragic outcome at the hands of geriatric psychiatry; but it's much more than that.  It's about the inspiring place of love and relationship in our lives and the changing expressions of those vital elements at different stages of our lives.  Together Denise and I read some dialogue between her and father from her new blog on

I loved this show, so did the one caller I took, and I think you will, too.   Remember you can call in to the show every Wednesday at 4-5 pm NY time.  Wednesday September 26 at 4 pm is Live Talk Call-In for general questions.  Listen on and call in at 888 874 4888 to get on the show live.   My book the Heart of Being Helpful is a great accompaniment to this presentation of the Dr. Peter Breggin Hour.  



The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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