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Repeat of 04.12.17. Robert Whitaker calls himself a journalist but I believe he is one of the most important scientists in the world today based on his scientific analyses of the flaws in what passes for research in psychiatry. He is also an insightful social critic. More than that, he is a major figure in the promotion of genuinely therapeutic approaches. For this hour, Bob and I especially examine the larger psychological, moral and social damage done to individuals and institutions, and to society itself, by what Bob calls “the psychiatric narrative.”

My guest Kim Witczak represents consumers on the FDA committee that makes recommendations to the agency about drug approval.  Kim lost her husband to suicide while he was taking the antidepressant Zoloft.  She is a remarkable example of surmounting tragedy to make a real contribution to society.   Kim is also a fountain of information about shenanigans and trends at the FDA and its partners in the pharmaceutical industry.   She has genuine insider information.  One striking new phenomenon at the FDA is fast-tracking drugs for “treatment-resistant” depression.  In other words, after patients have been poisoned with neurotoxic drugs and made worse, the FDA will help industry come up with new and more neurotoxic drugs to further overwhelm the already injured patients.   This is apparently an agency-wide trend at the FDA, which has recently approved ECT for “treatment-resistant depression.”  Instead of “First, do no harm,” the new motto of psychiatry, the FDA and the drug companies has become “Do more harm!”  You can keep up with many of these issues by subscribing to my free Frequent Alerts on  And remember you can call into my program to make a comment or to ask a question by phoning 888 874 4888 every Wednesday live at 4 pm NY Time.

My guest Michael Fontaine is a Professor of Classics who, every time he comes on my radio show, creates an hour of conversation that is incredibly interesting and closely related to modern life.  He informs us about homosexuality in ancient times on the part of both adult males and females and about the segregation of the sexes that made romantic love difficult.  He describes what Plato’s Symposia were really like (drinking parties).  He briefly reads an amazing theory presented by a comedian at the Symposia about the theory of human split-aparts searching for wholeness.  We talk movingly about dogs and faithfulness in ancient and modern times.  As he does every time he is on my show, Michael came up with a new example of ancient literature ridiculing psychiatric pretensions.   He joins me in talking about romantic love in our time and the loneliness of young people on college campuses, something he is trying to create solutions for.  Michael Fontaine is a fountain of kindness, wisdom and intellectual entertainment.  For background on the show, see my website,, the section on Frequent Alerts, for my two new blogs on love, “How Love Can Reformat Our Lives” and “Are Emotional Disorders Really Disorders of Love?”  Remember, 4-5 pm on Wednesdays, you can listen live on and call in live at 888 874 4888.

This January 2, 2019 “Dr. Peter Breggin Hour” is one of my shows I most wish everyone would hear.  It’s about “Love in the New Year.”  I talk about what love is and what it is not: How love “Wipes clean the slate” and “Reformats our lives.” How “Love centers our mind and heart as one” and how “Love obliterates the familiar limits and restraints within which we have lived and imagined.”  Those were snippets I read briefly from an essay which I will be putting up on in my free Frequent Alerts within the next few days.  

My final unexpected caller was my friend Pinar Miski, a psychiatrist who helps to teach my most intensive course.  On the air, she added her own marvelous perspective on expanding love beyond personal relationships to creativity, nature, art and basically all of existence.  From every caller, we get the message not to confuse love with lost or painful relationships, or with the corruption of too many institutions that claim to promote love.  You can make love the center of your life. 

Please give this show a chance to improve your life.  Listen to it on the archive.  And remember, you can call in and talk with me live every Wednesday 4-5 pm New York time at 888 874 4888 while you simultaneously listen to it live on

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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