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Today's hour is the deepest I have gone in talking about empathy as an intentional listening to, acceptance and understanding of another person.  It is open mic Wednesday, which is always the last Wednesday of the month, and I began the hour by focusing on empathy and so did my callers.   If you want to understand how to find friends, to start relationships, and to make them grow, this is the hour for you.   In response to a lonely caller, I talk about all that she, or anyone, needs to do to quickly begin finding people who want meaningful, caring and even loving relationships.  Then I explain how the same empathic approaches and attitudes can change your life for the better, along with lives of almost everyone you know.  Find out what it means to experience "empathic self-transformation"-it could change your life.   The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour is every Wednesday at 4 pm NY Time on<>.  Call in live to be on the show any Wednesday at 888 874 4888.  Go to the PodBean archive on<>.

My guest is Los Angeles psychiatrist Judith Orloff and as I predicted in my Frequent Alert before the show, it was an astonishingly inspiring and educational hour about the empathic side of us human beings, and especially about those of us who are empaths and who very deeply experience the people and the environment around us.  I talked more than usual about my wife Ginger, who is a profound empath, or "highly sensitive person," and continued to understand her better through Judith's words.   What better endorsement can I give to Judith and to her work!  I spoke about the special dangers of psychiatry and psychiatric drugs to highly sensitive, empathic people.   We also had great callers, and at one point my connectivity to my own show broke down for several minutes, but Judith and the caller stayed engaged on the continuing live show without noticing my absence.  Exciting!  One of the best programs we've had.


My guest Andrew Thibault is the film maker who made Speed Demons, one of the best documentaries ever on how psychiatric drugs drove a real-life highly intelligent, kind and caring young man into a violent killer.  Unlike most of these films, Andrew gives us a sympathetic close-up, personal look into the life of the medication victim who then becomes a psychotic perpetrator.  Andrew Thibault is also an independent researcher into the relationship between psychiatric drugs and violence, and has made himself into a fountain of interesting and exciting information.  If you have any interest in these topics, you are guaranteed to learn from this episode of the Dr. Peter Breggin Hour.

Between Terry Lynch MD and me, I think we have a hundred years of experience working with patients or clients, and that is what our show is about.  Terry, who lives and works in Ireland, began as family physician and became disillusioned with the psychiatric approach being taken to people with emotional suffering.  He bypassed psychiatry completely-an act of wisdom and courage-and became a psychotherapist.  He is a leader in the field of how to help people and I always find it useful and inspiring to talk with him.  Join Terry and me for a discussion that begins with a focus on love and moves on to broader issues in psychology and psychiatry, with many practical suggestions about how to help oneself and others live a more fulfilling life.  I benefitted and I think you will, too.

This was such a great show, I had to reassure my wonderful audience that every single caller was spontaneous and as surprising to me as it was to them.  This was Open Mic Wednesday, which occurs every last Wednesday of the month.  Topics covered were successful psychiatric drug withdrawals, building relationships when you feel emotionally unstable and lacking in confidence, handling anger, and brain nutrition.  For me, it was an spontaneously delightful and informative hour.   The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour is every Wednesday 4-5 pm NY Time.  Calls can be taken during the live hour itself at 888 874 4888.  The archives are on<>.


The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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